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Surprise Giggle




For weeks I have had notes posted to remind me to schedule help to get Gracie to the vet for her annual shots because I can't handle a loaded carrier alone.



Last night I told her she was going to the vet today - something I never do.



This morning she removed all of the notes and hid them under the table! lol​



Dumb?! :)


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Wait a minute! Did I read this Blog correctly??? Maybe Gracie been taking courses in English on the computer when you are napping???? If she knows to hide the notes you posted about her shots at the Vet.


Now I use the leash for my little Shih Tzu about 10 pounds but she can run fast if I let go. Anyway I'm the one who takes her to the Vet for everything she needs when the time comes. The Vet personnel always call me the day before to remind ME she needs to come in for shots or whatever. See if they will do that for you! Problem solved!


Are you able to handle her on a short leash instead of in a carrier unless Gracie is a cat? Again that's where my scooter is so handy for me and her leash I hold with my left hand while I push the controller with my right hand. Sometimes I let go not knowing I did.

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Animals learn our language ,,, it is us dumb humans that have trouble with other languages. Yes, Gracie is a cat. She was too old, when I rescued her, to learn leash without more trauma. I wouldn't feel confident that she would stay calm at the vet around other animals and people. She did get a reprieve because of rain so, I suppose she will express herself again when next weekend comes.


PS: I too get a reminder from my vet. She does use my computer...ask the chat group she turned off the other night! lol

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Sally: we got Kira when she was seven. I spent every day, for three weeks, walking her in the yard on a leash. Just so she would learn the boundaries. Easy for me, I am not a victim of stroke. Neighbors and friends thought I was nuts! But twice a day, we did it. Plus it got Bruce out onto the deck to watch us and always laugh. That alone was worth it.


I never take Kira's carrier out until I am ready to put her in. She just kicks it around, takes out the towel. BMs on the floor. Not worth it to stress her out. Plus again honey, I am the caregiver. Kira weighs 8 lbs - piece of cake for me.


But I will tell you, when she sees the travel bags (schlepps) out, she unpacks them for me - LOL! Somehow she knows that this means Bruce and I will be away longer than an hour or so. I can find travel tissues, Depends, towels anywhere. My wipes are in a plastic case. She hasn't figured out how to move that yet - LOL.


They are smart and they like routine. Want to know that the next meal will be on time - LOL. Good week. Debbie, caregiver to husband Bruce, stroke March 2009

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