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:notworking: I Have had gremlins in my computer for a couple of days. All kinds of weird things kept happening and it was getting worse. I connected with the Chat room and got a blank box then my typing began getting extra spaces between words, and so forth. Finally, last night, I ran a boot scan and discovered their lair. I wasted no time caging the mischievous demons and rounded up one or two loose ones. Tomorrow they will be shipped back to the airport - where they belong. Once again, my computer is behaving reasonably. :goodjob: Darn! If they don't cause a lot of bother!


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It really annoys me that there are people out there that have to hijack and sabotage other peoples' computers. It is so evil! I hope they get theirs someday.

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It bothers me too. People can actually log in to StrokeNet and read the message boards, and blogs I believe, without signing in. I wish this was not the case. I know I can but I don't know if others can do this.



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Did you two actually read this? Gremlins don't hijack or read without logging in; they just cause annoying mischief.

PS: Jule1...if I couldn't read content and guest chat before joining, I probably would not have joined. It serves a purpose.

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Didn't recognize "gremlins" as a computer term, I assumed you meant virus. Sorry. I guess you meant you just had to clean up your excess baggage? That's a monthly task on my end. Well worth the time!

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I don't know what they were but I have had problems with my computer in the past but I manage to fix it somehow.


Now I have a family picture that keeps popping up like a screen saver full size and I don't know how to delete it. That stops things from loading quickly.


Oh yea, you can read the board anytime for any member not logged in you just can't comment until you sign in!


But...that's why I don't Facebook or tweet the way other people use your picture and pretend they are you.

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To Fred....you have a gremlin or mischief deamon

To 1967stingray...don't be sorry and I have a dragon to keep viruses at bay.

To theJule1...don't be sorry either. You need to see what a site is like and if the people are nice or haughty before you join. Sometimes you're in a hurry and don't want to get to involved, too.


To see a computer virus dragon or a gremlin click this link http://search3.designtoscano.com/?D=computer+dragon&N=0&Dk=0&Ntt=computer+dragon

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Sally, I think it's fixed??? and it's faster and no errors! That beats paying 80 bucks for a guy to come to the house from just two blocks away because no way I can get the unit down the stairs and into their shop with one good hand!

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