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My neighbors must think I'm crazy!



:lolu: Gracie has to go to the vet tomorrow for her annual shots so, in preparation, I got her carrier out of the shed to bring to the house so, I could have her ready when my friend comes to help me take her. Being a gimp with one useable hand and a cane...I attached a pet leash to it and dragged it across the yard! It must have been quite a sight! They must think I've gone bonkers! ha ha!...Sally


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Let them think at will, you know the difference and God has blessed you to be able to do things as you feel the need. I'm the only one I ever see at the vet in Petsmart when I go using a scooter hauling a little dog on a leash but hey I do what is best for me to get her there.


This morning my grand daughter was with me taking her in for a grooming appointment so I walked in and out while she held the leash for her dog. Soon as I park the dog wants to get out but the cement in the parking lot is about a 100 degrees, too hot for her young feet I think!

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