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Morning Entertainment



I went to the br to change before it gets too hot and looked out the window. Out from between two sheds pops a beautiful red fox! A moment later, out popped Gracie! She proceeded to chase the fox who doubled back and lied down thinking he/she had eluded this crazy cat half it's size. Here came Gracie out from under the car! She succeeded in chasing the fox out of the yard (for now). It was so funny to watch!! :lol


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Good thing it didn't come to a show down as the fox was a female too like Gracie and that wasn't their first meeting. A fox is a sly animal and just as dangerous with dogs and puppies. Dogs will always chase the fox and cats play with them from my country experiences.


Glad you had a short show to watch from your window.

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Sally: Kira had a "stare down" with a squirrel the other morning. You are right, great way to start the day. Kira can't really hunt - no front claws, but she will play with leaves and mosey over to a rabbit or two, just to see what they are - LOL.


Hope the Vet appointment went well. Debbie

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Guest hostwill


very interesting show, when I lived in Missouri we had a den of foxes under our front deck. Out of there came 10 baby foxes and the mother was teaching them to pounce. The next day, my neighbor found twenty dead mice at his front door. I told him, I guess they are giving you a present, LOL

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