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Made it through



We did it....Gracie has been to the vet without any more tantrums (she was very well behaved) and is home, fed, and happily playing outside. The staff at the vet's were running the place because the doc had a hernia repaired yesterday. I told them to stop letting him lift the horses onto the exam table by himself. lol I managed to get in and out of my friend's car (big SUV) without killing myself; all is well for another year. :) Tomorrow I can "walk" the carrier back to the shed and go shopping. I'm ready for a nap after such a busy morning. :yawn:


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Sally: great news. Glad Gracie made it through her exam and is OK to go for another year. I know how difficult this is for you, but she is your companion and you need to know she is OK.


It you have to pull the carrier via leash to the Garage, so be it. Good outcome. Debbie

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Yes, getting the cats to the vet is difficult, even for me. The little smarties know when I go to the basement to get the carrier and then run. Next is getting them inside the carrier - call it grabbing and stuffing. lol

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