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Just an observation...but, Gracie is keeping Very close to me since her trip to the vet. She sticks close to me normally but, it gets more so after a major change in routine. When Charlie and the dog disappeared from our home, she was panicky that I would, too, even though I kept coming home. When I was in the hospital, she went to stay with the rescue people, again. She was well cared for by people she knew and did not live in a cage yet, she was like fly paper when she came home and found me here. She lives with the fear of being discarded or deserted...poor thing!


Thinking about her insecurity, made me reflect on how us survivors feel inside. How many times have we worried that we may be discarded to a care home because we have become too much for those who take care of us? Haven't all of us had friends disappear from our lives since we became ill? Aren't we as insecure as poor little Gracie? I don't know the solution except to hope we are loved enough not to be discarded or deserted.


May all of us be loved enough! :please:


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I got a little dog here the same way about me. She sticks by me when I'm home for sure. Of course I give her treats too so they tend to stick by the one that feeds them although she belongs to my 8 year old grand daughter.

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Gracie was an abused kitten and has the scars to prove it. The first sign of normality in her was when I told her she was allowed to play. She has been through a lot which is why her trauma was so appropriate a comparison for our insecurities.

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