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It seems to take forever to make any progress at all! I'm sure we all feel that way. My last therapist caused my shoulder to separate again (overly ambitious therapy) and I thought it would never reheal. I have tried sleeping on that side but, it was painful so, when I needed to close the window over my bed last night, I was thrilled to find I could support myself on that elbow and shoulder to do it without pain! Hooray! There is hope...it justs takes perseverance and time.


Btw...I can hold a flashlight in my left (bad) hand and squeeze and twist the light on with my right...new strength! I thought I would have to throw that flashlight out and now I can use it again!


All I can say is keep the hope alive and keep trying. :D


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That's wonderful news! I agree with you about maintaining hope and keep trying. I hope you continue to see more gains.


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Progress comes in all kinds of ways and for me over 9 years now I am blessed. You get those ambitious therapist that will not listen to what you tell them. One tried to bend my elbow up against the door frame and really injured my shoulder which I still have problems with all the time. I didn't go back after that incident either.


Progress is slow at best but very much needed when it's done right and often. I got a regular size flash light on my desk and a smaller one too so I can look under my computer desk for stuff I dropped and to hook up my computer, printer and do things I can't see from my desk chair. I use my left hand too and I tell Katrina to use her left hand in all she do to help the right hand out.

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You are right, progress is soooooo slow, but it is progress, and looks like you got another notch in your belt! Good job at sticking with it and achieving a new abilities :)

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