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Finally gave in and bought new glassware today - insulated ones. Got tired of fighting to get Coke glasses clean one-handed. I bought some reusable ice cubes too because by the time I get an ice cube out of a tray, there's nothing left of it. Now I can drink a cold drink from a clean glass. LOL


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See the things you do has to please you and there is always a reason get things done. You have to have a life too and all you do to please you makes your life that much brighter every day.

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Sally: thank you for the tip. Bruce has a small cube fridge in the dining room. I keep small, refillable bottles of his lemonade and milk, plastic cups. He can do the big fridge in the kitchen, but the freezer would be impossible for him. But I do have to think of the day when he is alone, little fridge has not been restocked and he has to access the kitchen, so thank you for the tip. He won't need ice, but will need access to glassware, something he can put between his legs to get back to the living room! Debbie

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Amazon sells cup holders that can be attached easily to walkers, wcs, even canes. Maybe Bruce could have one of those to help him.

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