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:angry2: I have been reading articles related to stroke to try to find out anything I can about our condition. Who do these guys think they are that they can write these articles! Give me a break! Since when are those "prickles" (stupid name) annoying! They aren't mere touch the skin with a needle tip nerve firings - they are downright ice pick stabbing! Or how about the creepy crawlies on our skin? (we women get that one two ways). They describe symptoms and effects as annoying, inconvenient, unfortunate....they should live with them! Feel free to add to this list. I was looking up the cold effect we suffer from and they suggest massaging the area but, note that massaging can make it worse! Waaah! :Doh: Pass that bottle over here!


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Sally: that is exactly why we all need each other here. Neuro can tell you what part of the brain was affected and what that part controls. Physiatrist can advise about current muscle condition. But unless you live it or live with it, you are only guessing.


I look to Julie's Larry, who at two years post stroke develops swallowing issues. And ALL this therapists and Doctors - and Julie has left no stone unturned - have no idea why it happened or what to do about it. Nancy's Dan who suffers big time seizures and no one can get a med on board to resolve it without messing with his antidepressants. Colleen's Ray - Engineer - so gifted in concept, design and mathematics, unable to return to work. My Bruce, his whole life was his words and writing. Getting his words back, can write but can not hold an idea from day to day. An no "Professionals" have any answers, except "therapy."


Well that is all well and good and something we all do, but in order to find the right direction for therapy or any resolution, one needs direction. And when you try to describe it, you get stopped short - they have heard it all.


The one thing here we all know is that every one of our strokes and the stroke recovery involved is individual. We fall into one common category only - a stroke happened.


It is so important all of us post and blog often. Respond to questions with what worked or didn't work for us. Discuss new innovations and directions and put up the red flag with anything that is bogus. And another thing we all know is there is no quick fix, so don't fall for anything that says there is.


I can't tell you how many times, initially I have thought "No that won't work for us" but in thinking a concept through, considering how to use it, envisioning the process; I have had a light bulb go on towards something Bruce and I could and did use, with positive outcome.


You rant on! Only way our voices will be heard. Debbie

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I have a friend who is a doc - his wife stroked.... and he is learning - no answers, for them either -- the brain is just to complex... but we glean info from each other , learn a thing here and there and once in awhile - someone with some distance and first hand knowledge here can give some objective insight... that is the gift of this wonderful site.... each one of us/ victim or caregier become our own experts to our paticular case... cause only God can really - tell us how it is.

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