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Back to normal



:D Okay, I ranted and got that out of the way. I got a little depressed, too. I'm back to "normal", now. I'm glad to see some of you agree with my rant...it's not all in my imagination. I got depressed because someone sounded so GD 'normal' and lucky compared to me (and I thought I was doing great) but, realized that I may not be as normal as her but, AM doing great - for me. So, my 'new normal' ain't so good but, it could be worse! I still have a fear of the future where I could lose my freedom, have to live in a "Zombie home", and not be able to care for my self but, I can't think about what hasn't happened, yet. I will continue caring for Gracie (meow) and myself for as long as possible, work at getting back all the function I can, and make reasonable plans for our future. Positive! Must be Positive!! thumbs%20up.gif


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WOW, you said it, "Positive Must Be Positive." That's how I made it this far because I was told so many different things of what to expect until I was driving myself crazy. When you are down to a point you haven't been before you really don't know what to expect for your recovery.


I soon learned it was one day at a time, do all I had been taught to do and life would be great again. Sure enough that is what happened for me. So in my mind it can happen for you too. Of course losing your husband wasn't easy to endure but you've come a long way since that time.


Coleen said it above, "Mind over matter" and you'll surprise yourself how life can be so great when you live every minute with a positive mindset. Sometimes I see others and how they are doing and that tells me it can work for all survivors. You are doing great and will continue. You are a survivor now!

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Sally :


I agree with Fred 100%, that's what unconsciously I did & worked out well for me, my new normal has more joy & meaning in life today. hope & pray you find that joy soon. I also learned to take one day at a time without any expectations or attachments to results. just flow with life without resisting how life unfolds.



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just like you said -- or my interepetation of what you said-- all true, but what you gonna do? -- smile and move on, and you are !!

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