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A Very Real Scare



Monday, I had a very real scare....I was just finishing eating lunch when the whole world spun out of control! I started sweating profusely - I was dripping sweat everywhere! I had to grip the table tight for a few minutes before I managed to make a very shaky shift to the couch 2 feet away where I collapsed. It was 3 hours before I could resume activity and even then, I was not right.


My landlady came by after work, which is fortunate because she is a nurse, but even she couldn't explain what happened. After doing a lot of research yesterday, I can only think it was a combination of my medicines and heat. All of my medicines warn against heat exposure which is impossible to avoid in the summer in the deep south. I also learned just how much the doctors don't know....they have me on one of everything to control my bp and most of those have warnings about use with the other medicines!


I am just very lucky that my mailgirl and landlady keep an eye on me; they both helped me through this episode and checked up on me afterward. I am okay, for now, and being even more careful. I notified my doctor's office about what happened, too.


If anyone has questions about their medicines, there is an online resource: http://drugs.com which has a drug interaction checker service you can use for free. It is provided by a health information service and not a drug company.


I was scared and very rightly so! Know about your medicines and beware of heat!


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Sally: thank you for the head's up. Glad you are feeling better and please do stay hydrated. That can set off anything. Thank you for the web site, I do hope everyone takes advantage of it. Debbie

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