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Fed up



:( I am fed up with the medical people! All they do is play follow the leader right or wrong!


Before my stroke, I was not happy with my medications. I have had the doctors at 2 hospitals and one rehab all compound what I was unhappy about plus my new doctor. My new doctor put me on potassium to offset the diuretic effects....I''m on Vasotec which has MAJOR interactive warnings against potassium! Plus it doesn't like 3 of the other meds they have me on! That's a majority of my meds that Vasotec doesn't like. Add summer heat (none of my meds like heat) and it is no wonder I had that dizzy-sweating spell. They also gave me Zyrtec for allergies (I'm not taking it currently) which is not friendly with 3 of my meds, either!


I contacted my doctor's office after the spell and have not heard a peep out of them. All of the meds say "contact your doctor if....". Why, if they ignore you? Can't one doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or someone beside the patient pay attention to what they are doing? They give you this stuff to keep you from dying but, it seems they are trying to kill you with the treatment instead. I guess they want to make some money off your demise first. :(


If I didn't need someone to write a legal prescription.......I would chuck them all!


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It has been my experience with doctors that they really prefer you come in speak with the front desk people and they will then acknowledge your needs be it a script change, appt change, or any other need you may have including speaking with them directly.


Phone calls in to them are normally never returned and when a script has to be written, trust me, you will be charged a fee which is normally posted some where in that office.


You are told they are in with a patient right now but they will have the doctor return your call ASAP.


See they are fee based operations so when you appear in the office you will be charged an office visit fee through your insurance and you may never notice it.


It's all about the money for the services provided so, no insurance, no money, you will probably not be seen or get any services you need.


Again just my experiences and I have gone in to the doctor's office thinking this is the day of my appointment so I sign in take a seat, my appt time comes and goes while others get served even walk ins.


I go to the desk to see why I'm not being seen and the desk people tell me they thought I was just a walk in. That's why the others were call ahead of me. So, I learned to double check my appointment date and time. But we do and will forget dates and times as a survivor.

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Sally - one thing that may help. Are all your prescriptions filled in one place? If so, you can talk to the Pharmacist - not the Tech. Then can run your whole list and the interactions, in the order of importance. There are major cautions and then always lesser ones.


You've already done your homework on-line, give the Pharmacist a call. Debbie

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Debbie...I did talk with my pharmacist. He told me I was right...one combination could be the culprit for my spell but, that the entire list of meds taken together should be safe. I still have not heard a peep from the doctor.


Correction! I finally heard from the doctor's office and he is reviewing my message. You would think each person would have a back-up for when they are absent...but, NO! I will be waiting for the response now that the system is working, again.

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Sally: good for you for checking in with the Pharmacist. And when they have the whole picture can often be of more help than the Doctor. Sometimes, as a Nurse, I see them just order medications, without considering the entire picture. I can catch some of it, by fortunately have the Pharmacist backing the patient up.


Really you want your own Doctor reviewing things. He/She knows your whole history. But office personnel should just tell you Doctor has the message and will get back to you.


Rock on honey! You deserve some answers. Debbie

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My doctor is pretty good about side effects, and goes over the worst of them when prescribing a new one; but the pharmacist always has the complete info. Especially generic vs name brand, such a difference sometimes. They have called to discuss different medications with me, and I have since learned they are the first place to go for info.


My SIL, who has really bad COPD, wasn't even leaving the house because she was so worn out all the time. She would have no red blood cells at all and ended up in the hospital for transfusions more times than I can count. She finally took matters into her own hands, looked up all her meds and saw that severe anemia was the side effect of one of the more common ones, something like Zyrtec. She stopped it on her own, and had a miraculous recovery. That's so sad no one picked up on it for her, she uses the VA hospital for everything and I thought they were decent before this. I'm lucky that we found a doctor who is good about returning all calls by the end of the day, but we had to search far and wide to find him, for sure.

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Hi Sally, my pharmacist is excellent, I get all my meds from him and I told him from the begining what was going on with me. Best thing I did. My doctor is okay, but he is always busy, so I see the Nurse Practiconer, she is great, so now I see her, she rocks. Keep on Sally, they get tired of you calling and give you answers.

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