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Unconfirmed Miracle Food



FYI....I read that apricots can help prevent stroke. Since they are good for you, anyway what can it hurt to eat them and maybe they will help prevent another stroke. We can use all the help we can get. :)


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I watch the Dr. OZ show most days and he gets into a lot of things like foods that does different things for the body. If you miss his show you can go to the web site. His shows are very informative to me most of the time. I know it's the antioxidants in certain foods and fruits that helps our body overcome many things.

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Sally: when Bruce was diagnosed with Diabetes, I had to totally rethink our diet. In the SNF, they did portion control. I kept all of Bruce's menus and brought that home with us. Bruce lost an incredible amount of weight post stroke and he needed to. So I did not want him to gain yet again. But of course he did. When he became overtoned at nine months, the whole previous work of nine months out the window and then a year to get the Botox and Baclofen straightened out, he was back up to over 250lbs. With the Diabetes, I had to call in the big guns - our Colleen (1967stingray).


Her whole approach was healthy, fresh, natural. Nothing is better for you than fruits and veggies. Fresh, preferred. But as Colleen advises frozen or canned work well, especially if they are packed in natural juices.


So pick up that apricot for your afternoon snack or anytime you feel a need for "just a little something" Best thing for you. Debbie

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I just made a vegan form of baked oatmeal (Ray's friend in Georgia made it for us when we were down there). It has fresh blueberries and dried apricots. Big hit with our current houseguest, and easy for a host to make a big batch: Stir ingredients and bake for a half hour. It's a keeper.

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Personally, I'll stick to tomatoes, garlic, and onions in other words...Italian food. Apricots may be high in antioxidants but, it's still fruit and tastes like aluminum foil to me.

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