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Morale Booster



I know...it's a strange way but, I have been enjoying Shark Week on Discovery Channel. Besides learning new stuff (useless but, interesting), seeing the survivors of attacks and their attitudes and new lives is morale boosting. I don't have massive ugly scars, nightmares of being eaten alive, or lost limbs. It makes me grateful to have suffered an attack by a predator that leaves less ugly damage.


The shows also cool me somewhat because I'm looking at water in this heat, travel to interesting destinations, and can admire how an ancient (prehistoric) creature has adapted and survived in spite of us humans. I feel better about my condition and feel stupid complaining about it. :)


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Sally - that is the secret to life. Growing and learning and the biggy, realizing the things you have to be thankful for. Without realizing our blessings, life just stinks. My mom doesn't know one thing to be thankful and is the most miserable person I know, always ready to poo on someone's parade. Kudos!

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Sally, I like your perspective. In some ways, disfigurement and emotional scarring could be harder than the effects of the stroke. Plus, isn't it great when we discover something new to ebb the complaining?

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