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LOL but Not



My car won't start, AGAIN! My mechanic is unreliable. My eyes are getting worse. I gave up and hired a driver (been looking for one for 6 months). I figured it would be safer for all and I am tired of fixing a car that shouldn't need fixing. She's charging me plenty to drive me 2 miles to the local store but, that's the way things are these days.


She was pre-interviewed by the outfit that found her and I was assured she would be safe, reliable, etc. The very next day after being hired, she called me saying she just got home from the hospital where she was given a couple qts. of blood! She claims she is fine but, won't say what was wrong. She can't drive me this week but, will drive me next week.


WHAT!! She's 50 yrs. old so, who's going to croak first - her or me? Is she going to pass out driving? I SAID SAFE - DMMM IT!! I'm living in a defective world where nothing works right! Arrrgh! :lolu:


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a couple of quarts of blood? That's a lot of blood! hmmmm..... are you getting any help with a driver from some kinds of benefits? If not, make sure a reg taxi isn't cheaper - and you would not be stuck if one guy got sick, they'd be others. Don't blame you for being wigged out.

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ROFL! There are no taxis or Medicaid buses around here! I searched for 6 months for a driver and this is all I have found! LOL My backup is the same people I have been leaning on but, now no car to fill in the gaps. As for benefits help...they keep cutting me off expecting me to survive on $137 a month! LMAO

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Start looking around and perhaps asking in places or looking in the papers for a taxi driver since your town doesn't have taxi's running. I bet there are drivers with licenses to drive already if there are over 4,000 population where you live.


Like the lady you got now, I bet an ad in the paper would get you many inquiries of your needs for a driver so many times a week.


This little city started out with one taxi company now there are four companies licensed to operate taxis! The thing is each company only has about three taxis operating in the city. They came on board when our little airport operations got more flights coming in and out because of the military population here and the soldiers coming back from the war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Fred...I honestly thought I posted an answer but, I don't see it. I've done all the things you suggest and a friend wrote for help through her church. I appreciate all the help and suggestions from everyone...things will improve somehow. My landlord just retired so, maybe he might be the answer (?)...we'll see. Somethings bound to happen - maybe this lady will work out ... who knows!

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