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Caregiving... the things we do....



So, playing a little catch up here. One day, we went to therapy... I was wearing a red top and black uni-sex jogging pants. Bob was wearing a black top and black shorts with red trim. We get there, and as soon as we get out of the car, he says, "I'm wet". hmmmmm..... we are just in time to not be late for therapy.... so we go in. We go to the bathroom and when we come out, he is wearing the black jogging pants and I am wearing the black with red trim shorts. Fortunately, these are those double heavy shiny shorts that don't SHOW that they are wet from Walmart. I inform the therapist that I have to run a quick errand and Bob goes on into therapy. I drive home in his wet shorts, change and voila, re-appear in my 3rd outfit for the day. Now for those who wondered if they really needed to drag a change of clothes along with them, consider my story....


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Ha Sandy! And I thought I was the only one. On very special occasions, like Christmas at a friends or a party, I bring the exact same change outfit! I did on our Wedding day. My sister thought I was nuts - LOL.That was the early days. Now I don't care much, as long as he is clean and dry. And really Sandy, anyone close to us knows of the incontinence. If they love us and are willing to spell me off, they know.


I remember being called in from the lobby at therapy because Bruce had an "accident". They even brought in a screen - ya think? I just got Bruce into the WC on a towel. Brought him into the bathroom changed him up and then cleansed the mat. I was assured by the staff that this was common, as appalled as I was.


I keep packed schlepps in both vehicles and Bruce is 95% continent at this point. But I will not ruin a special day or a therapy session because of it.


Good job honey. LOL. We do the best we can. Debbie

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living the dream - living the dream... luckily our guys got us.. and we are a pretty "resourceful " bunch arent we ? necessity the mother of invention... ... and yep the 5 minute - are you kidding me you just used the bathroom again?- maddening and sad, to them , to us--- but exhausting as well..

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If something like Depends doesn't work for you, you might want to consider external catheters. Charlie could not control himself and could not sense the need before an accident happened. Diapers were insufficient so, we started using external catheters. He kept his dignity and his accidents were less problematic. There is no intrusive tube - it is all outside (a sheath attached to tube to bag) and doesn't show, smell or embarrass. It is also easy to use. You change the bag as needed and the clothes or bed stay dry. Of course, bike shorts might not be a good idea...try looser shorts. All it takes is a prescription from the doctor and Medicare pays the bill. I hope this helps.

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Sandy, talk about a quick change artist. Very smart indeed. Larry wears those kind of athletic shorts you get at Target or Walmart also. I saw a caregiver, very petite, who was wearing a pair herself at the rehab center. She looked very cute. I'm thinking maybe I will get a pair just to wear around the house as they are so comfortable. Yes, we are there for our guys whenever, whatever.

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Sally, usually he does not have this problem... but being a man... sometimes something just ends up pointed the wrong direction and go straight out a leg hole. I have thought of those kind of catheters for different events, like a wedding or funeral, so we could not have to worry about it. How much urine will the bag hold?

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I think you got all the bases covered in knowing what you need to do for Ray in all circumstances you may face. When I got to go these days there is no waiting anymore then soon as my eyes see the urinal it's starting to coming out. So my plan is when I feel the need I GO right then to a bathroom no waiting any longer for me.

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The strange thing is that sitting down at the table to eat sparks a need to pee. I can tell him to go before but it just seems to happen right at mealtime. This isn't after he has had something to drink either. Strange.

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Sandy: the leg bags vary - some 200 ml, some 500 ml. They are easy enough to empty (from the bottom) but you will have to be in a bathroom stall or a very secluded place with a urinal or one of your bottles.

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