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Daily routine



MY daily routine is simple.

I usually wake anywhere between 8am-10am.

I grab the cordless phone and my electric razor. I page Hubby and shave my chin.

After emptying my bladder, I take my morning meds.

Nuke a breakfast hot pocket and make some TANG.

While eating, I watch the Today Show then change to Comedy Central when that crappy soap opera comes on....Passions.

After eating, I go outside for a smoke and to fill the bird feeders. I only use seed that won't germinate because I don't want unwanted weeds appearing in my rock garden or in the grass. (I use shelled sunflower seed...comes coarse or fine)

I go downstairs to the office in the basement and turn TV on to Comedy Central to listen to it while I check my email and then Strokenet.

Sometime during those routines I wait for my daily constitutional (BM)

Once the above is done, I grudgingly make my way to the shower...I loathe the daily maintenence of upkeep on this crummy body.

After getting ready for the day, I will go do errands that hubby has requested..such as going to the post office for stamps, etc.

After running my errands I'll collapse on the sofa to fall to sleep listening to TV. Hubby comes home anywhere between 3pm and 5pm depending on how much overtime he's putting in. He'll give me a kiss and proceed to do his chores...yard work or laundry, Son lately has been in a cooking mood so he's been preparing suppers for us and what seem like half the neighborhood...his pals any where between 1-5 extra mouths. Hubby and I will watch TV till he has to go to bed around 8pm. I'll continue flipping channels trying to find something interesting (ususally Court TV or the History Channel or TV Land)

I try to remember to take my night meds by 8pm so I can get to sleep by a reasonable hour. It's during this time I'll often check email/strokenet again.

I usually get to bed around 1am or so.


Sounds like such fun, huh? I'm bored out of my mind. I hate it.

Nothing fun ever happens. Sometimes the highlight of the day is havin that BM. wow

Makes me realize, what am I here for? I'm useless, and worthless and a waste of space and resources.

This is not what I signed on for when growing up as a kid.


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may i suggest a new routine for you?

it's a dandy, but i think it will help you. if you arent interested, pm or email me back and i'll keep it to myself. otherwsie, im a gonna post it!!!!!




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