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Easing Into The Fall Season Of The Year!



With all the different kinds of weather this year the fall season is upon us and for the next seven days the weather men are saying we got 100 degree temps for all of those days. I really need to water the lawn front and back but with the heat all day the best time to water is late at night. Rain is something we haven't had very much of lately and the drought of a year ago is still showing in most yards on my street.


I will just have to get up soon real early to get the watering done on my scooter. I bought one of those garden hose you see on TV that recoils itself and weigh a pound. I can handle that with ease. That will be better than having to buy more grass plots come next summer again. I have St. Augustine grass which looks the best to me and I grew up cutting that kind of grass with a real push mower with two wheels. That was work.


Some neighbors on the other end of my street has good looking yards and I keep telling myself I will stop by and ask them what they may be doing that I'm not to get their yard to look so green and good. First of all my yard man is just a cut and bag the grass man. So for the small price he charges me I can't complain. I need a guy that will get the whole yard looking better and attend to everything for me.


Then I hate to hire someone else to do other things to my yard to make it greener and more manicured like the neighbors yards down the street. I have a medium size tree that was planted when I bought the house and I put a rock border around it and flowers inside that to look a little better but my yard man don't set the rocks up if they are knocked down by kids playing or his own helpers move them out of place.


Any yard has to be fertilized fall and just before summer to make the grass greener and rid the yard of ugly spots and dead grass. I have had this man which is my neighbor a few streets over from me since my stroke. I gave the lawn mower I had to my niece since he was doing a good job keeping it cut, raked and bagged up for such a small price. I had just sold my bowling pro shop so money was going to be tight for a time to come and I hadn't reached social security age at that time.


Oh well wishful thinking and who knows what lies ahead with the weather and how the winter will affect us here in Texas. The leaves will start falling pretty soon again and the yard man does rake the leaves and use his blower to make the yard look better.


I read Debbie's post where she has to get out in the yard and get things done that Bruce is not able to do anymore and I understand that. I don't think I could either without my scooter. I bet that would be a good time for Bruce to be out in the yard on his scooter while she is working the yard the way she wants. It does seem like time is flying by lately and before much longer the snow will be upon us in most parts of the country.


I'll just take life one day at a time and see what happens. I will start back to riding my exercise bike and get more active again. Maybe I'll gain a few more pound back but since that slow heart beat thing I had I just slowed down from much exercise. I guess by now I'm back to normal. I really need to start therapy again too since I got my eyes done and can lift over 20 pounds again.


I don't want to get too lazy and stop doing for myself. I cut out walking with the little dog because of the high heat and sun all day long at 100 degrees. We just go to the mailbox across the street and down to the corner stop sign and back on the scooter. She likes to run down and ride the scooter back to the house. Then come inside and drank water. I guess she does get hot with all that hair on her. I try to keep it cut to two inches long but those little dogs got plenty hair.


I bet Ruth knows what I'm talking about since she got one for William that he loves just like I do. She stays right by my side all day to look me in the eyes trying to see if I'm OK. That breed is really personal dogs and she stays right with her little owner at night but when she leaves home she comes in to check on me and lay her head on my shoes beside the bed. Right now she is right under my computer chair as my grand daughter and her mom is getting ready to go some place.


I can't take her with me it's too hot to leave her in the car even with the windows rolled down to a point. Starting next month, 1 September, I can take her into any place with me, no questions asked here in Texas (I don't know about every state) since I'm PTSD disabled by the VA I just have to show my papers only. No questions asked about her or if she is a service animal or not.


She is potty trained so hope I don't have to pick up behind her. I will see that she does her business before we leave the house. You can imagine I'm waiting on 1 September to take her with me in some places I go all the time.


I will report my findings when that part of my life starts in taking her with me inside public places here in our city. We have taken her with us to New Orleans and back so when we make a bathroom stop they take her around the side or back to the grassy area and let her do her thing. She will start to give a little sound when she wants to use it. So far never in the car so that's a good thing.




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Hi Fred, I love reading your log's. It is hot in Florida, and I have a cold! I feel terriable, I wonder if it is because I go for a walk early in the morning,during my walk, the sun comes out and by the time I get home Iam sweating! I have not been walking since Friday, and I miss it. My son is home from college, so I am asking him to post the pics from England, I have no idea how to do it LOL. He has two years to go and said he is not looking to come home. Fine by me, so I like to move, go downtown Orlando, there are parks, lots to see and do. Since I dont drive I get lonely, everyone on the street speak Spanish. My grand kids, are near, but Mom said as soon as she finish school she is moving to Ga. Okay Fred, say hello to your family Godbless Yvonne

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Well this is where the seasons meet or cross and overlap a bit. For baseball it's the first time star players are being let go for a number games (suspended) for their use of prohibited drugs. That will cost them a little pocket change for sure with the salaries they are paid.


The world series still has to be played after the divisional championships are determined. Today all football practice got started at all levels of play from grade school, high school to the pros and before too long the pre-season will get started then games on TV.


We know then Fall is in the air and winter just around the corner with a little snow again this year for sure. Start now deciding who will be your favorite team this football season! Maybe even who you think will play in the Super bowl game. If I remember it will be played in Houston at Reliant Stadium right next door to the old Astrodome that's scheduled to be demolished.

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I tried to respond earlier and my computer crashed, so I'm back for another go at it. We have had an very unusual summer here in Ohio. For so many years, I can't remember when it wasn't a drought, we have one. It's always been 'no watering or $500-$1000 fine. This summer it rained about everyday. We only had about 5 hot and stinky days so far. Actually, it feels like fall, has all summer. Fall is my fav time of year, but I realize crops need that sunshine, so it's a problem.


I'm very lucky we could afford a good used riding mower, as it enables me to do it myself. I hate having others work on anything for me, they never do it right and always tend to break, scratch, dent, kill - just depends on what they are working on what the damage is. I also got an electric weed eater this year, that is light weight and I can handle it. We have plenty of electric sockets outside and I never run out of electric and have to go get more!


I have actually enjoyed this summer, due to the odd days. I have left our screens open and not used much air conditioning this year - usually it is closed everything and high air-cond bills in the summer. I see trees that have started to turn orange, they actually think it must be fall.

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Hey Fred, come up here to Northern Minnesota if the heat is getting to you. Our daytime highs have been in the 60's and night time lows in the 40's. We saw 41 the other morning. Lovely sleeping wx!

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We got so many 100 temp days in a row it's time for a change and some rain. That chance of rain stays around 20% when they do say we will get rain. We get the 80% all the time, it don't rain!!


I'm just going to sit back and wait for the football to start and of course the world series in baseball in October.

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