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Had Computer problems And Learned Things I Didn't know About!



Well, I had my share of computer problems the last two weeks or so. I got on here but couldn't make a post or comment to a members post or blog. I was never a true computer person and looks like I forgot what little I did know! I suppose the mind or memory has a lot to do with that issue after surviving any stroke.


I hope all of you that post and comment often has learned about the edit symbol, when you put your arrow on it, it says (toggle editing mode) in the left hand corner so you can use your (Enter)key to make a space or a paragraph when you desire to not put every thing together. The computer repairmen tried to tell me it was my computer not this site but they soon agreed it was in the site. They never saw that done before now.


I found out even if you are a computer Geek problems will come up you can't fix. Oh well, I guess that's how repairmen make their money fixing computer problems we run into often. Many of the carriers are adding more power to their services so you can run more gadgets at the same time or download much faster. It will cost you more each month of course.


Reminds me of the times long ago when antennas on your rooftop to pickup TV channels in your areas was the thing to do then cable came along for a small price and much better reception and more channels. TODAY cable companies carries TV and Computer hookups for a hefty monthly price. Even Satellite is available for about the same price ranges as the cable companies.


We can now get a lot but it also cost a lot. Dumb me, I just now noticed XXX movies are made available on these networks to your house, for a price, not just movies on demand. Here I was thinking that only happened in the big hotel chains. When you don't use it you don't know about it but the repairman mentioned it to me. Certain things we just don't notice sometimes.


I thought you still had to visit a shop to buy those movies, gadgets and clothes on the XXX-rated side of the curtain or use a mail order business like it was when I worked in the post office. In my last Blog I mentioned I was going to get out the house watching all the news and visit the stores and Walmart. Well times has certainly changed and I hadn't noticed in those areas of entertainments.


My mind is on my family, their well being, and trying to pay for what I got already from my limited budget of watching every penny. When you retire with little income you must watch out and not buy when you don't have the funds.


I'll be so glad when I get this house paid off and my wife's car too. That's why I still drive my old 10 year old Ford Explorer and don't plan on another car for another 10 years if I can help it. If it gets me where I need to go by putting in just gas I'm OK with that! How else could I afford to make a Casino run now and then???


This stroke has taught me how to be conservative and when my wife had to quit her job to take care of me at home years ago now the VA has cut me loose from home care so I hope my health holds up as I get older every day. We all know our day will come where we are here no longer.


I have been on this stroke site since 2005, a year after the stroke and I learned a lot about strokes and recovery. I now am beginning to feel my physical body start to slow down. One reason I thought trying to bowl again might be the thing for me to do but that didn't work out to good in my case. I got to figure out something else to do pretty soon that doesn't cost much money.


In my mind I never know what will break down or need to be repaired so I find myself trying to be conservative where I can cover the cost of repairs or replacements in some cases. We all have those concerns I know!! Just to keep this little dog healthy for my grand daughter is like another kid in the house. I see why some folks try to claim them on their income taxes by giving them a social security number. I can never go that route to jail trying to save a few dollars.


Well, my rant is over but I had to get this computer repair bill off my mind. I feel much better now telling somebody because my wife wouldn't listen to me complaining. Guess I just keep paying the bill for the wood floors, the carpets, and the ceramic title she wanted down in the kitchen and bathrooms.


I hope I'm not the first or only survivor that has experienced this situation lately?? It gets old quick!!


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Fred, I'm not sure I know what you are talking about in "editing mode"? I never have problems making paragraphs.


I'm glad you were able to correct your problem. Sometimes when I post on a blog, the underline thing acts up and underlines everything or the strike through thing strikes out my letters.



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Fred: I was blocked out of the site for three days. I had just messaged Julie, hit send and bam, the site was down. I got a "Forbidden" message for two days when I tried to log on. Told Julie I really must have been naughty! - LOL.


Bruce was always the saver here and I am thankful every day now, that I had his wisdom for 28 years, because that is not me at all. He strove for 30 years to pay off his house. It took us 10 years to finish the addition, because there were no loans. And being handy, there was not much he couldn't fix, including computers. But that is not true now. I have to pretty much fend for myself but have wonderful help, that Bruce is also confident in and trusts. When in doubt, I call our Contractor who has totally redone this home.


Our big learning lesson was when I quit my job and went to Nursing school. Bruce scaled back everything here to accomodate the loss of my income. I did work weekends at an Urgent Care Center, but basically for 18 months only paid for my tuition, books, uniforms and gas. But that is also how I can help new Caregivers here. We were able to do more after I graduated and started work. Brittany was in college, so that was taken care of. We redid the house and put on an addition. So when Bruce stroked, it was not difficult to scale back except to investigate the contracts, figure out how to save and then the infamous getting a human on line to talk to - LOL! Debbie

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Julie, I had no problem before the last site up date but since then I couldn't hit my Enter key to skip a space or a line to start another paragraph. Like now if you look above the ul in your name at the block that looks like a letter in it, well when you put your arrow on it you can then hit your Enter key to skip down to start another line or paragraph.


But if you can start another line after a space then your computer works much better than mine did. I just can't type all together with no break in paragraphs. More than 4 or 6 lines together to me is very hard to read for comprehension of what is being talked about or said. It's just me being in personnel business so long and having to correct writings that was sent for my commander to sign or read for his understanding of what's being said by people under his command.


Did I explain it well enough??

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Fred, I'm not a natural computer person, but I've learned you can find almost any answer you want from the internet. Although it sometimes gets tricky phrasing your question the right way in a search engine like Google (or any other search engine). Anyway you probably already know that, but I wanted to throw that out there.


Debbie, I also got the 404 Forbidden page when I tried logging on here. I googled what to do and followed the instructions, but it didn't fix the problem. So I finally emailed smallory through the Facebook contact page. He said it was a system wide problem and it was being fixed. True to his word, it was fixed.


Julie, The print does seem small! If you're on a mac like me, you can increase the font size by pushing the command button and the + button at the same time. You can do that as many times as you like. To go back to the original size, push command and 0 at the same time. I'm sorry I don't know the easy, fast way to increase the font size on a PC. It's been years since I've worked on one.



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Guest lwisman


The Forbidden message was received by everyone for several days. There was a major glitch with our system. Sorry for the problem. Everyone should be back online now.


Fred, I know what you m mean. Every time I speak with anyone about a computer problem I seem to learn something which can come in handy later. It pays to pay attention!

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The print did get smaller to me too and if not then my lens in both eyes are getting dimmer from just a couple months ago when they were put in my eyes.

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