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Almost too much stuff to handle



I went to the dermalologist for my 6 month review and she said the mole on the left of my chin looked different. I have had this mole for all my life. She said I could watch it or have her biopsy it. I said take it off and biopysy it as I already had a skin cancer removed a couple of years ago that was basil cell. This involved plastic surgery as I had the right nostril reconstruced. Well, the biopsy came back with cells that were potential Melanoma. This scared me. I went to my skin cancer Dr. today and he is removing the cells around the mole and said it was good it was caught so soon. I go every 6 months for checkups. I was hoping to get our caregiver but he is not available at the time of the Dr's surgery. So, Larrys daughter can come to stay with Larry on the 19th as she is off that day.


Larry is stil struggling with his swallowing and weak leg. The swallowing bothers me the most. We have used the max for PT and Speech therapy as it is one amount allowed by Medicare of $1,990. per year.


Yesterday, Larry's son, wife and our granddaughter Rachel, age 6 came over and we went to a nearby park. I wanted to get Larry out for a while and he enjoyed watching Rachel. She is so energetic and watching her wears us out. lol The weather cooperated as it has been less humid and mild temps.


I just hope we can get through the rest of the summer with no other unexpected events.




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I do hope that the rest of the summer goes OK. I need to take Wm to the dermatologist. That $1990 cap on PT/OT is the pits. How does that new info about you get as much as need if you need it so that you don't decline work?



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Julie: good and bad news, always.


So glad you enjoyed the day with family. Glad the weather was good and everyone got outside.


Keep us updated and know I am thinking of you. Debbie

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Is there a way Larry's food, some of it, can be fixed by blending it someway to make it easier for him to swallow???? Seems to me (who am I) that there is a way it could be done. I remember in my 5 month stay in the hospital some of the people got their food prepared a certain way so when they brought it to them it was easier for them to eat.


We all ate lunch in the big rec and game room. The servers would get us mixed up and sit the wrong food down for a person. Many times they brought me another person's plate because I was in a WC and had the look I couldn't chew my food I guess.


I would say, hey, take this plate back, looks like somebody else already tried to eat it and it wouldn't stay down.

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Fred, I do have my blender and food processor at the ready. One of the problems is shredding the meat as Larry does not like it. He is on a soft mechanical diet, not puree. I still have to watch that things are cut up or blended enough. It is a nightmare to get him to eat these days.


I also want to rant about doctor's staff. I like my doctors but the staff can be difficult. Yesterday I tried to get a prescription ordered while I was out. The office person asked for my pharmacy number and I said it was the same as before. She said they don't keep those numbers as they change. I had to get off the cell and look it up. She finally called me back but I would have had to go through the menu again to get to her!


Then today I called again about a bill I received on my bloodwork from my physical. They would not pay for the Vitamin D part which was $220. I had called the Drs. office about this before. This time I got a staff member who said I had to call the Quest people not them. I said I need to talk to your billing person as they told me they didn't use the right diagnosis as I have osteopenia! She put me through and the girl there said she would take care of it and Medicare should pay.


Do I sound stressed!!!



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That may be part of the reason(s) Larry isn't eating like he used to, he just don't like his food prepared that way. But he has to swallow his food rather than get chocked up and that's the one thing they want to know when you hit the hospital is can you eat and swallow food or you need soft foods prepared. They would ask me daily each meal can I eat regular foods. I think you said you did the Boost and Ensure route to see if he would eat a bit more each day. I'm hoping for the best for Larry and you. Care giving is not an easy job for any person man or woman.


Yes ma'am you do sound stressed and perhaps may look like it too from all you are dealing with and going through at the moment. I couldn't do it I pray all the time that my wife stays physically strong since she doesn't want to stop working full time. She comes in the house dragging every day feet hurting and back not feeling good at all.


She wants to go until age 70, 9 more years for her 401K to kick in if anything is left the way the market is going lately. I'm hoping I can hold on all that time too cause by then I'll be 80 years old and hope still Mobil with a cane opposed to a WC.

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yes - you do --- and so you should be....what happens with sautéed tofu .. the very firm king - marinated .. and sautéed... then blended in with the other food.. it wouldnt have the " consistency issues of meat... worth a try ?? i ask cause i love sautéed tofu.. but it is not evryones cup of tea for sure... just another thought... Dan wont drink fluids as we all know -- but i have been finding he appreciates beer ( those tastes sure do change) so i swap out O'duols N/A beer into his miller lite and so far - i havent been caught... i despise the trickery .. but the alternative is /could be death ... so fight the fight as exhausted and banged up as you are.. but take care of you ... all of us pots and kettles name calling each other -- lol... good day nancyl

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Julie, I wonder.... I remember finding out that those without any insurance paid a lot less cash than what is charged to the insurance companies. I wonder if after you max out the insurance for the year, and are paying yourself, if you could get the cut self pay rate. It is really cheap. Call the therapy office and ask them just like that.... "I know that people who have no insurance and pay themselves get a much lower price and I wonder if when a person's insurance runs out for the year, and I'd be paying myself, if I would also get that low price.


You have reminded me, I have to get a mole checked on Bob.... always something... and before the stroke, he was seeing a prostrate doc... we were supposed to get those colonoscopy things.... way too much.... my head will surely explode....

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