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Update on Larry and more



I took Larry back to the dietician. I needed some help as to how to get more weight on Larry and she was helpful earlier this year. The problem is Larry can eat a mechanical soft diet but he likes only certain foods. He likes his meat but he does not like it ground up or pureed. That is one problem. He likes his milk and will drink the "Boost" type drinks, milkshakes and eat ice cream. So, he does stay hydrated at least. The dietician came up with a product called Benecalorie which I can add to his oatmeal or drinks. I ordered it from Amazon as I could not get it anywhere here. The main thing she says is to get the calories in. We will see her in a month for a follow up. I hope I can get a couple more pounds on him. I set foods out for him to try but he just will not eat them. It is very frustrating.


I found out I can get more speech therapy if the therapists does an evaluation and deems it necessary. I will try to get that soon.


Monday I had surgery for skin cancer on a mole that showed to be Melanoma. The surgeon said he was sure he got it all and I will go back to get the stitches removed Monday. It was a small mole on my face, but no walk in the park to get the cancer cells out. I think he must have given me 20 little shots, plus I thought he was sewing up my entire left side! He is the same Dr. I went to 2 years ago for the skin cancer on my nostril. He is a highly rated Dr. in the area, very easy going, plays music while the surgery is being done. I now cannot wait to get the bandages off. I'm glad it was caught soon.


Later that day my son called from the ER and had been hit by a van. He is recovering from a concussion but hopefully is doing better and returning to work tomorrow. The car (our old Alero) was totaled. He is an adult but still seems to be depending on me for help in cases like this. He is working on resolving it and I hope he will learn TO WEAR HIS SEATBELT.


I am looking forward to my daughter's visit over Labor Day weekend. I intend to have some fun with her.




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Julie :


thanks for an update, you have been busy. hopefully everything is turning around, lucky your son was not injured badly & your skin cancer is completly taken care of, hopefully with new food taster will add more pounds on larry. hang in there



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Thanks Julie for the update on Larry. I hope when you get the stuff to add in the oatmeal it will help him put on a few more pounds he needs badly you say. I guess I never had a problem eating whatever but I love my ice cream too.


I'm surprised he didn't get a ticket for no seat belt. Boy, they get you here in my city left and right just driving down the street they ease right up behind you then put the light on you soon as you pull off from a stop light.

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Julie: good news alll around. You must look to your recovery next few days. Please hydrate and rest. No direct sunlight. If you need a sun hat, let me know. I will send you my wedding hat, which I never wore! LOL.


I know you are looking forward to Tina's visit and she will have a lot of suggestions for you.


Thank you for the update. Debbie

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Great news on your surgery and glad your son didn't get hurt. Let me know how the stuff works for Larry. I take Oliver to the swallow specialist tomorrow to see what can be done to help him swallow. Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

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Thanks to all for your well wishes. Debbie, if I wore the wedding hat down the street, people would surely think I have finally flipped. lol Thanks anyway.


Judy, I will let you know as it should arrive by tomorrow.



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That is great to hear about the calorie booster -- others have these issue thanks for the share. !! and why for heavens sake does it have to POUR when it rains... you like me have had enough already >>right !!

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I am sure I replied to this, but see it no where. Let my try again. So glad the surgery is behind you and you can start healing from that. I have copied the name of the additive Benecalorie -thanks for giving it, as I have a friend whose husband often can't eat much. He does the ensure type drinks, but this is another thing they can use.


I hope your son is no worse for wear and recovered nicely from the accident.

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Thanks for the well wishes from all. I get the stitches out Monday. Yes, Nancy sometimes we have to pull "double caregiving duty". Hope you are doing better.


The Benecalorie came this week and it is a little "disk like" package that looks like a cream colored liquid. It is an oil like consistency, and is 330 calories and 7 g of protein. I put it in Larry's milk and he cannot taste it. It is about $35 per case of 24. Not cheap, and I buy the "Boost" also. I use to get the Boost or Ensure type supplements with the Target brand, but it has disappeared off the shelf. I don't know if they are behind in making more or what. Larry liked it and it was also cheaper!



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Julie, do you have a Walmart? They have the equate version of Ensure. Be sure to get the Equate Plus though, it has more in it for those who need it. Some people just drink it to skip meals, and by the plain Equate with less calories.

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Sandy, I have the Equate Plus in our fridge. Larry does not like it as well as the Target brand Plus one. I put ice cream in it tho and he drinks it. : )



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