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Doctor's appts., results and renewals



Monday I went to get the stitches out from my skin cancer surgery. The nurse took them out and I got the pathology report saying the doctor got all of the cancer out. Thank you doctor and enjoy your vacation to France. Yes, he did go there. : )


Tuesday I took Larry to his dentist appt. The dental hygeinest said it wasn't too bad, but I know Larry scared her with a coughing fit. He has trouble with the water. She is the best hygeinest there and I always ask for her for Larry. He needs to brush longer (more than 20 seconds) lol and I have been helping him try to do that. She gave me some Biotene gel to brush on his gums at night as he has a dry mouth. Now if I can just get him to floss and brush without my preaching.


Wednesday I took Larry to the vascular surgeon appt. for his dopplar scan on his carotid right artery. The left is fully blocked. The dopplar showed no change - 50-60% blocked as usual. We will go back in 6 months for another follow up. The surgeon said he was happy about the test.


Today I ran errands, including getting Larry's handicap placard renewed. I finally got the form back from the doctor after two weeks. I thought it would be easy to renew since I had the Drs. form I went to the DOR and it was packed. They are computerized now and you sign in on a screen with your cell number and then check the reason you are there. I did and it said to take a seat and wait until your number is called. Well my number was not coming up so I went up to the desk and she checked. It didn't show up so she took me. I didn't have Larry's signature. She asked if he was there and I said "no". I said I didn't need it before but she said the rules changed. I thought what if he couldn't sign? She said if I bring back the form with his signature, she would take me without waiting. I went back this afternoon and got it. I know this is a good thing to enforce as there are many who abuse this, using other's cards or cards they don't need any longer. We are good for 4 years now.


The weather is so hot. I felt sorry for the people next door putting in our neighbor's driveway. They were drinking water constantly. Not much relief in sight and we need rain.


My daughter is coming this weekend for a short visit and I am looking forward to seeing her again. She is so supportive of Larry and he loves her.


Next week we start with an evaluation for speech therapy for Larry again. The good news also is that he has started gaining a little weight.


Hope you all have a nice holiday weekend.




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I have very dry mouth too, and also bought the biotene toothpaste, mouthwash and spray, and I think there were some kind of lozenges. Let me make it clear, I would not give a lozenge to Bob, and don't suggest it. Bob does rinse his mouth with the same I use, but does not gargle. The toothpaste doesn't seem to work well enough to suit me. BUT, I found the mouth spray very helpful and since I get up about 6 times a night, I resquirt my mouth all around each time. My teeth used to stick to the inside of my jaw!


The last check of Bob's carotid the dr said the one side was totally blocked, and the one on the same side in the back. I did not know there were one on each side, and one in the back on each side also.


We got our handicapped thing renewed this year, and it was easy, hope we don't have a hassle with the new one.

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Julie: great news and I am glad for you that Vascular agreed to keep Larry on for another year. Two more checks can't hurt, certainly. Bruce's good side was stented, so we don't deal with the issues you do with Larry. So a little less stress for another year anyway. Debbie

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we are all so busy --- i guess we must be gathering those nuts getting ready for winter.. lol... take care of you -- the kettle said to the pot ...lol..nancyl

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