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well now that i have my appointmentnow what do i do?



well I was just informed :secret: by my caregiver/wife that I have an appointment for my colonoscopy :yikes: and yes I have had it before :Nodding: but!!! no pun intended :giggle: I do hate the prep :Gulp: well anyway I go for a colonoscopy on Monday :roadrage: I go to insure that all is okay :stretcher: and once I get it done oh boy solid food :Starvin: any way wish me luck


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I hear the drugs they give you during the test make everything OK. BIL confirmed recently. Maybe I'll find out someday, but not holding my breath.

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Lenny my man, that is one test we should always get when due. For men a prostate test too is a great idea so we don't get to stage 4 where there is no known cure at that point.


I got one coming up soon. They are every ten years for sure and the prep is somehow the worse part of the process for me. My last time the nurse couldn't get the IV started in my arm. She stuck me several times then another nurse tried and more sticks until they finally got it started.


Lenny you asked "What do I do" the answer is get you Butt over there even if you have to carry is under your good arm!

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Guest hostwill



I always refuse the colonoscopy because I'm on Coumadin blood thinner and if the technician/doctor perforates an intestine bleeding could be massive, so I don't take the chance. I do get the Fecal Occult tests done, and if they come back positive I would reconsider. this is just my choice, you have to do, what you think is right. Best of luck, whatever you choose.


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