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STROKE NET,what this site has giving me



I am so glad that I found this site, this site has gigave me so munch hope at recovery since my stroke. Here lots of members who has gone through what I am going through. It is filled with lots of hopes and lots of good advice that is because so munch members is dealing with the tough task of dealing with recovery so therefore it has a very very tight community and most important you don"t have to worry anout sharing some of your thoughts. I am so glad that I was able to find this site because it has showed me that I am not the only one and if I struggle with anything because of a stroke you are only one post away of finding out how to overcomehow best to conquer it. That is a wonderful gift to be giving just by becoming a member.


We all go through some very tough time it is not easy being a stroke surviver but with this site and the wonderful friends and the very tight community it has made the waiting of recovery a little easy. Just to have some one going through the same things knowing that you are not alone as you experience the up and down emotional rollercoaster, knowing that your answer to that what am I going to do now is just a member away. Thank you stroke net for giving me hope and for giving me comfort knowing that you are not olone. I only hope that if you are dealing with a stroke that you sighn up as a member to help you as you go through life not knowing what to expect or now what that you know stroke net is here with lots of members who have been through all that and the members will know what you are going through and how best to help you. I am so glad that steve has the foresight to start this site called StrokeNet to make going through this unknown journey just a little easy. I wish I could say that the need for StrokeNet is not needed but unfortunitly it is. Lots of people will have stroke but it is nice to know that should you have a stroke that there is a site that is always there 24/7 just to be your friend your family and your journey just a little easy.


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Thank you for posting this Lenny. I am sure a lot of people think it, they just do not post. Steve has done so much to help the stroke recovery of so many people. I wish you got a medal for that. He certainly deserves it.



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Lenny - i echo your wisdom and Steve - your are appreciated and their should be a medal or some sort for your creation.. nancyl

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Lenny, so true but remember you are one of the people who has given such inspiration to others. We are a team and everyone contributes to helping someone else no matter their story. We get a lot and hopefully pay forward to help others. Thank you everyone



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