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must be the sign of getting old



well I went to see the optometris and I was told that on January I have to go to the hospital as I may need surgery for my left eye I may have cateract and if so I have to get it remove not sure just what is involved in the surgery but I do knowthat you only seem to need catersct surgery when you are getting old and I really don't think that I am that old so hopefully on januarty when I go for a check up I will be told you are oky got my fingers crossed


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hi lenny, i'll keep my fingers crossed too for you. cataract's are pretty common as we age, the surgery to remove them is pretty easy. they do it all the time now. I've never had the surgery butt have watched it being done. anyway don't worry about it. you may not even need it when you go for your re-check. if you do, you sure will be able to see better.

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Guest lwisman


My sister had cataracts removed a couple of years ago. It was outpatient surgery and she was driving by the next day. She no longer needs glasses except for reading. She wore glasses for over 50 years. Go for it.


The doctor told me my cataracts would not be "ripe" for another five years.

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hello Lenny, my father haded his cataracts removed two years ago, best thing he done. He feels wonderful, now he reads without his glasses, and he is 87years old!



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Mr. Ambassador, my friend Lenny,


Let me tell you my experience with eye surgery for cataract removal in both eyes. It is a fast process with no special preparations except they give you two kinds of soap the day before surgery to wash your hair on your head and the other one for your face down to your neck without getting it in your eyes.


Surgery is about 45 minutes in the OR and back out but the wait depending on how many the doctor is doing that day is about one hour. Then you need a driver to get back home, you cannot drive yourself with a patch over your eye.


I had lens put in both eyes in separate operations so I don't need glasses any more! But I had to get reading glasses at Walmart for fine print. They cost about 8 or 9 bucks!

One operation was in May the other eye was done in June!


That's my case yours may be different. I don't think age has anything to do with needing the surgery, I think it depends on how weak your eyes are and how well you see. You still may have glaucoma and they give you drops to control that in each eye. It comes in little bottles good for weeks with daily use.


I just made 72 and one eye doctor said it could be another ten years before I needed the operation so I went to the VA for a second opinion and she said do it now so I did. She too said sooner or later it had to be done so I opted to do it now.


You'll be glad you got it done too!! You see so much clearer 20/20, and better overall!! In my case I been needing it since I was your age but couldn't afford to get it done! I wore glasses since I was 17 years old!!! Hope this helps!!

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Hi Lenny! Don't let the thought of cataract surgery scare you. I like fking had both of my eyes done and I was 60 when I got mine. Please don't wait like I did until you go blind with them. I did not wait by choice but when I went to my optomitrist he told me the prior Jan that I had the start of cataracts by that Sept I was going blind and by Dec was blind. That is scary. The surgery itself is the easiest surgery I have ever had with no pain. I use the "cheaters" to for closeup, but do not wear glasses for distance. Wouldn't trade my surgeries. It has now been two years since I went blind and 17 months since I had my surgery. Wouldn't trade for it as I am now back to painting (on the computer) my animal portraits and animal illustrations and able to take care of my honey of 25 years who is also a stroke survivor. If glaucoma is involved they will give you drops ( I am under glaucoma watch but not diagnosed as yet). By the way I was told that age has nothing to do with it. Any age can get cataracts. I was told I had young person's cataracts. Please keep us posted and let us know how everything is going.

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