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Bob Doing Yard Work :)



Bob wanted to clip the front hedge in front of the porch last week, but I couldn't find the clippers anywhere. In a few days, I said that maybe we should just break down and buy another pair. He didn't think so, but in a few more days, he began to really want those clippers. So after therapy Tuesday, we went to Walmart and found the last pair of clippers they had. I didn't realize it when I bought them, but they have a rotating head so you can have the clippers face anyway, like scizzor like or flat across the top of something, or anywhere in between. They are Fiskars Easy Trimming Grass Shears. He was too tired to do it the day we had therapy and the Walmart trip, but he got it in today, and was also having a good aphasia/speech day! Wish he could talk this good everyday! I think you have to click on the 4th one to get it to open - it's a video. :)










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WOW, he got enough hedge there to keep him busy cutting until the season changes again. But that can help his mind and speech too probably keeping busy doing something around the house.


I believe that is what keeps me doing OK by being on the move every day. The more we do the better we get I think. Just watch out for any bees that may be nesting in the hedges.

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