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*CAREGIVER* Rehabilitation :)



I remember about a week ago, when thought of my crafts, reading, things I used to do, began to appear in my brain again. My life has been pretty absent of anything about me, since Bob's stroke, so this was a surprise.


Bob tells me I'm singing more again.


And tonight, I told him my body was begging me for an orange, so I cut one up, and nearly swooned while we ate it. I looked at Bob and said, 'you know... I know don't why I wasted time eating those cookies, I'm enjoying this SO much more". He shook his head yes. Then it hit me, "OH MY GOD! That is a thought from the old me, that just made it to the top again! I have been wanting to get back to healthy eating, but only because I feared falling dead and leaving Bob in a nursing home. There was no me in there, only knowledge that it was the right way to eat. But tonight, I felt that first twinge of my own self, in total recognition of THIS IS WHAT IS BEST. It was a wonderful moment of seeing that glimpse of the way I used to be and think and feel. Oh my.... this could be the start of something very good!


By the way, peaches are IN right now, Ohio Walmart is having the sweet, soft pressure peaches - swoon again!


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all i can say is ----- good for you !! welcome back to the non all consuming stroke world -- maybe ... i only add the maybe for me - not you ... i am still on the fence but happy to be sitting on it- at least i can see the other side ..LOL

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Maybe because we are in Texas but our walmart here has plenty fruit this year as well. They run a commercial about their trucks picking up right from the farmers crops and getting it fresh to their stores. That's baloney of course but the fruit is in all their stores as it is with the other grocery stores too.


I hope that is the start for you to rehab. I think both survivors and care givers reach points in life where we mellow out or in and feel so much better with our lives.

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Sandy I am glad life has started to ease in your favor. We consume ourselves with what our suvivors need and many times never stop to think of ourselves. Now that you only have one house to take care of you can continue to incorporate things you use to love to do into your life along with taking care of Bob. I am stuck in a rut with this myself, right now all is about Mike and what he wants and needs. One day it will be about "us" and me but until then I am willing to stay on the back burner. Hope things continue to improve. ((((((HUGS)))))))))))

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Sandy :


I am so happy that you started finding you again. you know its very important to put oxygen mask on yourself before trying to help put on our kids face. I feel that advice is wisest,as a caregiver you need to take care of yourself first than only you will be more useful & helpful in saving others lives.



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Fred, our Walmart always has A LOT of fresh fruits and veggies also, it's just that if peaches are your thing, this is the time for them, don't miss it! I hope the pears are good this fall. I like the ones that look like an old brown leaf, but they have to be able to push in, like a plump flesh feeling, or they are too hard. We can pretty much get grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries all year. Melons are good now.

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Cat, I was thinking about my old chiropractor that we asked if was going to retire, and he said, no, he thought about it.... but his wife informed him that the house was 'her space' and he had to go to work during the day so he didn't intrude on it. Wow. I guess it is like that in a small way. Suddenly at retirement, women find themselves with a full load of work all day long, making NO retirement for them, but working harder. So, we are like forced into that kinda thing, only much worse, because our guys need us to help them with their own personal things.


I always had trouble doing work while Bob was home, because I wanted to be with him, not off in another room working. I am trying to use some of his early sleep hours to do work, so I don't feel away from him, but afternoon nap often claims us both! I hope you can get a little comfort zone going for you real soon!

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Asha, I know it is so true, but even so, in the beginning, it is like we are in a war zone, and are dodging the falling bombs around us, trying to pull ourselves and them out of danger. It is so good, to just feel normal... some how. I remember when Bob first had his stroke, I called one of my lifelong friends and was talking to her about it and wondering how we'd be able to function. She calmly said, "people think living handicapped is a horrible trial, but it's just another way of living." Now I would have decked anyone else who said that to me, but both her parents were very handicapped, so I had to have respect for her wisdom, and count on what she said to manifest itself, sooner or later!


I know things hit the fan as life goes forward, again and again, but am stopping to smell the roses in this wonderful time :)

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