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The things you notice when you're paying attention



My heart is so weak the fatigue is unbearable but for the past week I noticed I don't feel too bad. I have strong days and weak days but at least it's a step in the right direction. I decided I'm just going to run with it!

My mother got a little shih tzu who has decided I'm her human. mom thinks it's funny especially since my step father doesn't! She lays at my feet and if he calls her she looks up at me as if asking permission to go to him.

Mom told my brother about it and he wants me to take his bulldog...I can just see that now,,, I can't even walk my friend's chihuahua without her pulling me down if something catches her eye! As for taking the bulldog, I'm betting no!


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That's so scary about your heart, hope more strong days are ahead for you. It's good you have a little friend, that has to help feel a bit better.

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Sometimes it's scary but most of the time it's just part of what is but I still felt great knowing that something is working. If I'm having strong days now when before I was only having bad ones, then I'm looking forward to even more good ones. Thanks Colleen.

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There was a long string of years in my life when I was horribly ill, and mostly in the bed. I remember the stray days of 'a good day'. They were like a cold drink of water to someone lost on a desert. I hope you get more and more of them, and so does the little dog!

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Thanks. I hope so too. I seem to be in a time when things are looking more hopeful in more ways than one.

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I've missed some members too. Some because I've been scarce some because they have but let's hope you're right!

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It's so good to see you blogging/posting! I don't know if your fatigue is the reason for less posting but I find there are times when I just don't have the energy to respond, and I don't have the heart issues you do (well, at least not the heart muscle issues! :)) I still care and always appreciate reading everyone's posts but just can't muster up the strength to reply.


I love that the shih tzu has found a safe place in you. How cool is that?!


I'm glad you are noticing some stronger days. I hope it's a sign of good things to come. ~~Donna

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I think the fatigue plays a small part as well as vision and later in the day my arms become less controllable. By that time anything I typed would be illegible anyway. I'm always glad to see your posts and replies. And I appreciate those you make to me.


Molly (the shih tzu) and me were pretty much love at first sight. One of those unexplainable things.


I don't need miraculous leaps (although that's nice). I'll take gradual improvement too. I hope you're right Donna

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Jamie: I am so sorry your cardiac recovery is so slow. But also thank you for sharing. so many think, fix it, back to 100%. And very much like the brain, the heart and circulation issues can take a long time. And it is truly physical exhaustion. I do know you are following your recovery regime. I can only add my prayers and support.


But to Molly. Sometimes we are given little gifts we nevery expect. And you have bonded with a precious treasure - no judgements, no criticisms, just love me and I will be your best friend. And maybe, that is just what you needed right now.


Mary Beth and niece, Melissa came this weekend. Melissa is headed off to college in a week and needed some things. New Hampshire can be a bit remote and not many choices. Bruce always looks forward to the visits, but it does exhaust. I try to at least rest when Bruce does and normally Kira is with me. But today the two of them napped for two hours and I will say Missy wanted a few more minutes. LOL. Jamie, he adores this cat.

I'll blog the weekend at some point, but I will say, right now I am all smiles for you! Debbie

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I've been taking Coreg since my first stroke, but at a very minimal dose and honestly I couldn't see a thing it was doing. At my last visit the doctor increased the dose significantly and finally there seems to be improvement.


Molly is still a puppy and is very puppy-like. One thing she loves to do is something I don't enjoy much. She loves to lick the end of your nose. The funny part is if you let her do it she does it twice and is satisfied but if you try to stop her she'll fight you all day until she gets you. I'll lay face down on the floor with my arms covering my face and she tries to wiggle through my arms and then will try to go under my arms. When all fails she tries to dig through the top of my head like she's digging a hole. That's her favorite game--mine is trying to stand back up! lol


NH is a little remote but beautiful. I lived in MA once in Newburyport. It was gorgeous.

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I'm glad my timing to toddle back to this forum was in sync with you posting. It seems I missed much with you. I'll have to back-read your blogs and find out what trouble you've been getting up to. Good to read you're having some good days and I'm sorry to read you've had a bad run. On the topic of your doggie love... :)... I bought a little girl last Oct. at 8 weeks old. She's a pom/yorkie mix (porkie), named Pi. I've always been a dog lover and after my stroke, my daughter had to take my 12 year old lab to her house. I lived in a second floor condo and had no way to take her out. My lab passed away in 2011 and I thought last year was time to get another companion. I never, ever thought I'd have a dog the did its business in the house, but, she does, on potty pads. She's 5lbs of furry entertainment. I hope youre enjoying Molly as much. talk later, must finish a hot flash in another room. xox, Lisa

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I am glad that you are having some better days and more too come . You definitely deserve it! Sounds like the Shih Tzu, Molly I think has got your attention. My BIL/SIL have one. They are very funny dogs. Prances around like a little princess. Now I think you should have taken your brother up on the bulldog. I have an English Bulldog and she is just big and goofy. I will throw in lazy too. Anyways I have missed you on here! See you around!


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Hey Lisa!


You won't find much in my blog. I started getting swelling in my legs and feet and my doctor thought I might have to have them amputated in around 5 years. A combination of diabetes and heart disease. Then I had a silent heart attack and they did a test that showed my heart only pumps at 15 to 20 percent strength and they want me to get a defibrillator,


Nothing else is new. I still do the same things. I can't walk as far so I take shorter walks more frequently.


Originally, after my heart bypass, the surgeon thought that damaged part of my heart would come back when blood could reach it again. That didn't happen.




Your dog and I have a lot in common...big goofy and lazy! Right now I'm working with the Money Follows the Person program to see if I can get into assisted living. If so maybe I could get a dog but for now it's not a good idea. So this gives me time to look around and think about it. I missed you too.

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I am glad - your back -- missed you ... but fatigue certainley has a way of keeping any activity difficult... i hope you can continue to build upon your health...

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Hi, I have not been on much but read you post and just had to put my "two cents" in. Hang in there! Sounds like things are improving. I am sorry to hear of your heart difficulties. My honey who is a stoke survior had a quad bypass, is diabetic and just had his 4th defibulator implanted and is doing great. (he is 61). He was one of the first people to get a defibulator in our are and back then it was a major deal with several days in the hospital. Now it is a day surgery. He had his surgery at 830a and was home before noon. He has been able to move around and do light activity. It has actually saved his life a couple of times. The last defibulator that he had lasted 8 years before the battery died and he had to have a new one. Sounds like your new "fur baby" Molly is wonderful. We have two big "fur babies" that weigh 70 and 90 lbs and are lab mixes. They have been amazing and are a major part of our family. It takes time after having a stroke and especially if there are other medical issues going on. I know this first hand as I am a stroke survivor too (6) as well as being a caregiver to my honey of 25 years. It sounds like you are on the mend. Hang in there and don't give up.

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