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Good Days/Bad Days



In time we all will have some good days and for sure some bad days but you know what, I'll take all I can get being a survivor like I am now. Over all I feel most of my stroke survivor days has been much better than my bad days and those days and nights too being shot at in Vietnam many years ago when you can't see who is doing the shooting. We have to say life is good and being loved by your wife/husband or other is remarkable!!


We all know our days are numbered it's just that no one knows the numbers except the Almighty Himself and He is not telling no one even us!! It's days like these between good ones and those with pains and troubles that we learn to live our lives as best we can with rest, sleep, therapy and a few medications! After that we can laugh, cry, breathe and see life in a different light.


I have read where many of us say our "so called" friends left us after our strokes but in some cases we found others and made new friends that in some cases are as close to us as our own family members. When we keep on living our lives as best we can good things will begin to happen for us. I have never been a worry wart but I do wonder sometimes about many things. Some I can control and some I can't.


That brings me to my comforting thought of "letting go and let God." We are only human so what can we do about anything anyway however we look at it?? One of our members wrote..."Worry is a down payment on a debt we may not owe." How true, how true!!! The first time I read that I stopped worrying however, I do still wonder and many people do daily.


Most of my wonders are simply wondering how I may feel when I wake up with pains or without pains so I can go where I want to go or do what I feel like doing??? That brings me right back to knowing "tomorrow is not promised". For that I know there isn't a lot we can do about anything. I take life as it comes because the world is moving around fast. We tend to feel much better by just letting things happen as they may!!


We are here to see the world changing from what it was when we were much younger to what it is today so who knows what tomorrow will bring. Will it be war or peace, richer or poorer??? we just don't know for sure but I feel we would love to still be here to find out!!!


So, if it's a good day or a bad day we have little say so to change the day or the hour. Can you believe it has been 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous speech "I have a dream"??? Good days and Bad days!!! We have to live them all after a stroke with what we got left!!!


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thank you fred. your message is a goodone. my big problem is at nite worrying about if i'm going to have another. but last nite I thought -- I am following my dr.s advise taking my meds and now its completely out of my hands whether I have another or not. and I can accept that and be at peace with it.

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Fred, we watched some wonderful celebrations on the TV today honoring Dr. King's message. Truly heartwarming, especially for those of us who were so privileged to see him live and not taped. Were able to follow his journey in real time, not editted for TV - LOL.


I try so hard to end my day with the happy, positives we experienced. Makes facing tomorrow a whole lot easier. Thank you for your message. Debbie

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Hi Fred, another good post, one that spoke about not worrying and putting God before everything. Of course you have to seek God,and thank him for giving you another change, and let him take control. I give him all my problems, faults, and troubles. I was in England , when Dr. King gave his speech, and I knew watching it on TV that the people that were there, was seeing history. 50 years ago, and the country has come far, but still have a way to go.



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