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Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL???



Well it's pre season now but the regular season starts September 5th! Then we will have Sunday night football as well like it was tonight!


Baseball is still being played and Lenny is all smiles as his team, the Red Sox are leading their division and should end up in the World Series come October!!!


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Yea man bring it on!! Actually I am more addicted to the college game on Thursday's and Saturdays. Don't get me wrong Fred, I also watch a lot of the NFL as well. Sep 7 we are getting in our new RV and hitting the road for about 6 weeks. I told Lesley 6 days a week we can travel, but on Saturdays and some Sundays, We will be stopped!


I have already got the Dish Network portable satellite system installed and checked out. I will not miss my football!


OK Fred, who you pickin'?

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Fred, Bob is practicing with his loud voice on his football exclamations. This will be great for strengthening what he calls his old fogey voice! Thursday is Ohio State day!

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No picks yet, too early for me, I gotta see who is who and playing with what team this year! Their were a ton of personnel changes on different teams then I want to see who stays on the teams from the guys that was drafted!!!!

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