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Kira's check up



Our poor little girl. Today was Kira's eight week check up.


Erma was here to avoid me having to do welfare check for Bruce, going back to work and then having to come back and pick up Kira.


Managing her thyroid condition has been difficult. Bless our Vet who tries to keep the costs down. But even as a Nurse, cutting her pills up into 1/4s can be challenging. I told Julie I was glad her check up was today in that she has been a bit "off". She is sensitive and the changes here in the house I am sure have contributed to this. She is not used to Bruce being alone and off in the WC. Normally she sits with him until I get home. She doesn't mind the occasional ride, mind you, but he is off and about now, getting his chores done, in a WC. Very dangerous for little kitties.


Vet had to take blood from both of her back legs, Rectal temp, urine sample, some belly manipulation and her Rabies shot. Talk about being disrespected - LOL. Even her Vet said she sounded like a Lion. But only tried to bite the Vet once. Good girl!


We'll get her lab results back tomorrow: Calcium, Thyroid and Kidneys. She does need a dose or two of Miralax. She hopped out of her carrier, wagged her little tail at me and hopped onto Erma's lap. "You can go Missy. You have subjected me to enough abuse today!" LOL. Bruce said she slept all morning until I got home and getting the bandages off her legs was a challenge - LOL.


But she got her Pedi and I did get some tips on grooming her. With her Heart murmur, I hesitate making her too angry. But she is a long hair and needs the grooming. Just wanted to share. She is sleeping next to me - she loves Stroke Net and interacting with Furby and Lucy - LOL - just waiting for bed time. Debbie


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What indignity! I'm surprised she was even talking to you afterward! Poor Kira....to have so much wrong at the same time. I know it's hard dealing with the ailments of our furry loved ones and even harder with a human loved one sick, too. While Charlie was struggling with his problems, Mugsy had diabetes and it was quite a strain on me to deal with the problems and treatments of both of them. Hang in there and don't bite the doctor.

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My 3 fur babies all need vet visits and Bella needs grooming. I, insanely, thought I would do it. Now my dog is half done trimming and still stinks... .grrrrr.... must go out and have it done.

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