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Bruce has a great comp from our Casino for September and I have been messaging back and forth with some about traveling. My fear, of course, is not being on the ground floor. They do have ground floor suites and I am still considering them. I still have trouble believing that in the case of an emergency, someone is coming up ten floors of stairs to help us, regardless of whether we check in as handicap or not.


So, all of you know the changes here at home. Bruce is truly problem-solving at a higher level. He is thinking on the next level. "Do the dishes" now includes wiping off the counters. Folding clothes is now all clothes, not just the towels. Without me home and having the time to "think" things through independently, he is really stepping up. Also doing his exercises everyday and his walking. He has not asked to increase his walking, even tho I offer to take him anywhere (street, deck or to a track). I know this is not a priority for him, but I also know that he heard exactly what Lexi said about him being the same as a year ago and Bruce knows he did almost no walking in that year. I would like to practice steps a few times tho.


So all this has me reconsidering the Casino trip. Yes it will be a ton of work. I have to bring the scooter. Will use their WC. He'll need his hemi. But I do know, now, that if I have to, I can get him down the stairs. Even if he has to do some on his butt. I can bring the Freedom Alert and know he has access to me. I'll use Valet so I can set up the scooter at the entrance and the car will be parked and all the other stuff taken to the room.


Monday is a double time pay for me. This is the first holiday pay I will get without having to pay a caregiver since the stroke. And Bruce is insisting we increase the hours to maybe 5 or 6 - we'll see about that. But that will be our spending money.


So I am thinking all of this is falling together positively. We'll go during the week - less people there and can stay one overnight - Kira will flip if we are gone longer - LOL.


We have the end of the year Car Show this weekend, so the scooter will be out and tested. Of course, Melissa took all our luggage - LOL.


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Debbie, that sounds like fun for you and Bruce. It will be somewhat of a reward for Bruce doing so well by himself. Only you could plan his caregiving, so carefully organized so he can stay by himself as he so desires.


Get the valet and any help they offfer and enjoy!



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Debbie :


sounds like fun. I am happy that Bruce is stepping up with his chores at home. I feel if you have space in your house than you can buy cheap treadmill so that he can exercise independently inside home. More he is able to walk it is less stress for you during vacation.



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Three more words...Go, have fun, come back as winners!!!


We go to New Orleans for my S-I-L wedding next month so I will get my time at the quarter machines, the buffet, and watching the crowd of people in the casino! I will skip the wedding ceremony but for sure they all will migrate to the casino. They are natural gamblers at heart.

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Debbie, do you not have a next door neighbour called "Sue" to come over and feed your Kira? I seem to be constantly on cat duty for Brett. Seriously that may be a need in the future, someone to feed Kira so you and Bruce can go away for a few days rather than one night only.

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I have tried to respond to this several times, but the truth is, I'm just so floored by all he is able to accomplish that I sit here with my mouth hanging open in awe. I guess that means you can tell Bruce he's AWESOME!

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