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Grocery shop, this week, was complex.


Out the gate, we had $11.00 off. But it had to be this week. $5.00 off a $40.00 order, $2.00 off meat and 4 dollar coupon doublers (limit 4 to a household).


We were balancing the Car Show and the Grocery shop. With a large shop and then managing the scooter, decided to do the Car Show and then the shop on Monday. Weather changed our plans.


We get the circular on Thursday. Bruce takes the running list and checks it against the circular, circles things of interest. After Bruce goes to bed on Friday night; I go through the coupon box, get rid of anything expired, check and highlight the circular for any special promos. Saturday night I go through the circular in detail and start to prep the list. Sunday paper brings more coupons which Bruce cuts and then I finalize the list. I write this only to advise exactly how long this process takes. This week-4 hours.


Last weekend, with the new routine and me having to work Saturday, I tried to short cut. And of course, Bruce was a pill. So that won't happen again. If you decide you are going to do this, whatever system works for you must be maintained.


We are to the point now where if it is not close to free, we probably don't need it. Once you get your pantry in good order and this takes a good four to six months, inventory control is easier. Plus we had the menu changes and that added time for Colleen to get us on the right meal planning track.


Our store drives me crazy. They are trying to compete with layout and design of other stores in the area. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is walking around looking up to the signs for direction. This is very hard on Bruce and I. Me pushing him, pushing a basket and everything moved around. Our list is set up to aisles, but when the store constantly changes that - much more difficult. I am looking up trying to read the signs and Bruce is putting on the brakes trying to avoid other shoppers - LOL.


We get through 90% of the list because he loves this: loves making choices. He is helping more with the cooking, flavoring. Wants to have an input. Then I set him off to the magazine section. He goes alone in the WC. Can sit for hours browsing through Car Magazines. I can regroup and figure out what we missed.


I remember one TV show where the husband says to the wife, "this is all well and good, honey, but I need something I can eat." And that was certainly true this week. Lots of snacks - probably because kids are going back to school. But I like having some back up here, some choices for Bruce. Kellogg's ran a special 3/$9.00 - large 17oz boxes and if you bought three, got $3.00 off on milk. Of course Bruce also had three coupons for each of the cereals. P&G buy 5 of their items, get $5.00 off. Toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant - but also all with coupons as well as the sale price. Free dip with the coupon, but if you read labels you will find that there are healthy choices you can add with potatoes or as flavoring, not just for chips. And again, this is Colleen's direction - looking for healthy flavor additives rather than snacks.


We had done the Farm Market - local produce - on Friday, so were set with fresh fruits and veggies. I prefer helping the locals if we can. Meat is the other issue. We can always get Sausage buy one, get one, but with Sue's advice, if we see Australian lamb for less than $7.99 a pound, stock up. And that was also on sale for $5.99 a pound. Lamb chops on the grill - one of our new favorites!


The things I can not seem to get a handle on is the Depends and the Cat Litter. Friends do save their Depends coupons for me, but it is hit and miss. If I buy a carton at BJs, I can use up to four coupons. Cat Litter is also cheaper at BJs, but I never seem to be able to find a coupon. Kira is clawless in the front and really can't use anything that clumps. So it is the cheapest kind anyway and maybe that is why no coupons.


Other than milk, fresh produce and meat; we are set for at least three months. When we can finally get the wedding cake top out of the freezer in December, time to stock up there. LOL. Points for gas now at $1.20/gallon off. Wish I had another driver, so we could fill up both vehicles. Will have to talk to some people at work.


$180.00 before savings - $60.00 plus tax after. He did good. Debbie


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Debbie, I've never seen coupons on Depends! But I will tell you that I buy the Assurance brand at Walmart @ $15.44 for 32, several dollars cheaper than the Depends. They only have S/M & L/XL - both in max protection.


Why can't your kitty use clumping litter? Is it because you mention she is clawless? Did you try it and something went wrong? The reason I'm asking this is because I worked for a vet for 5 years, and you could not use clumping litter, really any reg litter after they were declawed for several weeks, but then you had no problem with it.

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i just never think of the coupons but will need to pay attention - i love the depends ( those new cloth like ones) dan wont let me use anything different ... he can feel the difference , at least they sell larger packages now so a bit of a savings...

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I will say that I am confused about the sizing with all these undies. My husband is not at all overweight - weighs 166 and he uses the L / XL size. What do people do who are bigger than him, seeing how he is not big at all, and wearing the largest size? Another reason, besides the obvious price difference is that the Assurance pull-ups we buy at Walmart seem to be a little more roomy, while the depends seem a tighter fit. Or maybe other people don't use the pull-ups?

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I agree with Colleen - with the Depends, the tighter the better - less leaks, especially when exercising and now Bruce turns onto his sides when sleeping. I would love to get him off the bed pad, it makes him sweat so. Bruce is 200 lbs and uses the S/M. He is on the borderline, but prefers the tighter fit. Depends S/M say 28 to 40 inch waist - Bruce is a 38". I have a back up carton of the Assurance that I bought early on. Bruce hates the fit, but in case of emergency. So that is why I want to stockpile the Depends when I have the coupons. BJs does not put them on sale, so the extra $4.00 off makes a difference.


Colleen thank you for the link. Will sign on there. I don't have a printer at home, but even one or two mailings would be great.


Sandy, the clumping litter sticks to her fur and Vet does not like it. Also it clumps in her back claws. Because she does not like it on her front paw fur, will scratch more with the back paws (which do have claws) and without constant cleaning, the back paws get clumped up and Vet advises that is not good for her. I guess it is Vet specific and the cheap stuff works the best for us. Vet says cats without claws have very sensitive pads and can be picky about their litter choices. Last thing I need is a cat who won't use her litter box. Maybe the clumping litter is coarser.

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a investment i made and it is a investment but worth for us --2 cats is the auto cleaning kitty box -- wow they do have them perfected now it does cost for that convenience but in my book worth it- grandson running around.. this is put up at about table height so only the cats get to it... i do have to buy the special cartriges to refill the kitty box -- still worth it... evry 2 weeks the whole cartrige goes out the door and no smells except the occasional fresh one ( lol) ... but for our busy family it is worth the extra...

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Well, I'm a Walmart/Assurance shopper. Larry also wears the small/medium. He doesn't complain but only wears them to exercise and outings and bed.


He has to have them on for "assurance" lol. But he really doesn't have accidents.



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