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Reservations Made!



So we will be off. This will be first, really, overnight away from home since the Stroke. November 2009, we tried to stay overnight at Mary Beth's in NH - the family Thanksgiving tradition. Bruce was walking independently with the long leg brace. Did not have the custom WC. We had a terrific day but did not consider the bathroom - really about the size of a powder room. Bruce got in, couldn't get out. A nightmare and at that point I decided to drive home.


So much has changed since then. This little jaunt may make Thanksgiving in New Hampshire a possibility.


All our seasoned traveling caregivers have advised that this takes a lot of planning. How Nancy and Colleen did it for weeks is beyond me right now. I have three sets of on-going lists: what we have to bring, what has to be done on errands and what electrical devices - like chargers I have to remember to pack - LOL.


Bruce was worried about Kira. She is a people feline. All she wants to do is sit on your lap. If she wants attention, she gives you a head butt. Mostly, just wants her "peeps" settled and some contact. She would probably be fine overnight with just some dry food. Neighbor offered to feed her Wednesday morning, but neighbor hates cats and Bruce was very distressed. Fall back to aphasia speak, so of course, it took me a long time to figure out what was bothering him. I honestly thought he could not understand why we were not taking her. So I had him write it - Erma. Erma will come in Wednesday (18th) morning, feed and spend time with Kira; do some housework.


Colleen reminded me that we are going to a World Class Resort - Hospitality is what they do. There won't be much they can't help with. But I do have to have the stroke basics. The one thing I did learn from the NH trip is that I do not need the kitchen sink - LOL.


So much equipment, bed pad - how many clothing changes. Plastic bags - LOL.


Bruce is in charge of the "errand" list. He has to map out next week to make sure we get everything we need. I also gave him the "bring" list. It really is overwhelming, but it keeps him away from the TV.


He did add a bottle of wine. Back when I was on the Poker Circuit - I would have to go early. Bruce would come up later after work; check in, unpack and then come down to the Poker Room to see where I was at. In the later years, he could get it on the TV in the room! Who knew? But the one thing he always did was bring a bottle of wine and put it on ice for me. So that was precious.


The only ground floor rooms were suites and we did have one years ago. They overlook the air conditioners for the entire hotel. This resort is in the Connecticut hills. One of the most beautiful spots in our state. The planners have wonderfully worked nature into the Resort from all rooms in the hotels. So AC units are not my first choice, especially for Bruce. Obviously I know this resort. It was my home Casino and I went to the opening. Some find it daunting - it is the largest Casino Resort in the world. But I was there enough to understand all the construction and additions over the years. We picked the original hotel - always our favorite anyway - and the smallest. Only goes up 9 floors, so if Bruce is coming down stairways on his butt - won't be too, too bad.


I will tell you when I called I said to the Concierge "this is going to take a while, you can call me back if you are busy." LOL. Think I am stressed? We are to have a "handicapped" room. I have never been in one there. I want to check it out and the location of the staircase before everything is brought up to the room. I was assured that it was fine for the WC. Figuring there won't be enough turn radius for the scooter, told Bruce he will have to walk a bit in the room.


My goodness, can I make this any more complicated? Stay tuned! I'm sure I can work myself into a real frenzy. LOL Debbie


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Well Debbie all I can say is you have this so planned out and organized and all you have left is to have fun. This may be the start of something good in "getting out of Dodge" so to speak - and traveling to your sister's and wherever!


You go girl!



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Making lists is the way to go. I have pages and more pages. And I check out EVERYTHING on the internet, especially looking for people's comments on accomodations so you can get a clue what to expect, told by a real person.


It's a LOT of work, but once you get going, if you did your homework, you will get to relax finally. Plus you will feel very proud of yourself, and rightly so.

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wow Debbie :


you are such meticulous planner ofcourse after all this planning nothing else to do but to enjoy your break. I used to think hubby is good organizer but he is nothing compared to you



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You said this is your first 'overnight' - is it just one night, or are you going for longer? I have wondered if it is something we will ever do in our lifetimes again, me the person who always was in a panic fit getting ready for vacations BEFORE! I can't wait to hear how it all goes, hopefully, wonderfully.


I know we always made lists and started packing the week before. My husband loves to sort things and would literally unpack his suitcase and repack it twice a day, everyday, till it was time to leave!

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It will be just fine... and you will say to yourself -- i should have done this ages ago !!! when we go to our casino it is a 2 hour drive and in ND winter a real pain--- but -- i have found spending the night to be the wisest thing by far.. we start out in the afternoon get there about 4 check in - gamble, eat, gamble , go to bed... get up gamble , check out and eat then go home... no long tired drive ... late at night... you will LOVE it .... and Foxwood treated us just fine ...

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There are so many older and even handicapped people at Foxwood, it's not like they don't know what to do! Seems to be a major part of their business.

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Colleen: Just had a huge news scandal on that exact issue. Apparently the Tribal Head of the Mohegan made a statement that they did not need the seniors with their canes and walkers. Not very smart in this economy. Went on for months - senior centers boycotting, not planning trips. He eventually apologized. And a large part of that was the fact that Massachusetts approved Casinos and are being courted by everyone. Rhode Island as well, but their state regulations are a bit more difficult as they have to have a local referendum after the site is approved by the state.


For ten years, Foxwoods paid all tribal members, housing, new schools. Last year, no more. Tribal members get first preference as to employment, but the stipend days are over. Plus they are due this year to renegotiate with the State as to slot machine revenue to the State.


They are hurting. They delayed the expansion of the MGM - even with MGM kicking in and Mohegan put off their expansion until end of this year.


And thank you for the tip about checking out the handicap room on line. Will do that soonest.

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New York is just getting into the casino business. There are enough of them spread throughout the state I guess. Not sure that they have accomodations on site though. The biggest tribe on Long Island is fighting for one, it's making its way through the courts and will eventually appear I am sure. No one wants it near them though, that's what's really holding it up I think.

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Little addendum: Bruce has been a bit under the weather last two days, so lots of down time, easy projects and less stress. After nap, I laid down with him - something we always do - takes him a bit to wake up and adjust. I was discussing the plans for the trip and he smiled and said "Wow,you have it all planned out." I said it is the only way I can figure out what we need. But once I am comfortable all bases are covered and we get there, I don't care what we do really. And he smiled again and said "we're going to have fun, little Ethyl."

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