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Frenzy has arrived!



You all know I have stretched out the overnight planning. With Bruce, anticipation is often more fun than the actual event. And that was true even pre-stroke. His thinking always was once it is here, it is over.


There is a small list of what has to be done outside the house: getting cash, his reading material, my alcohol - LOL. He asked me to bring two beers for him. But he needed single servings of his Crystal Lite (spent at least half an hour deciding on the flavor) and that is truly it. He has so little to look forward to. His snacks - another hour.


I know he will crash around 6 pm - he will be up by 4 am. So have to have some treats while in the room before bedtime.


But the real issue is Kira. She is being a total pill. She knows something is up. There are piles where there never were piles. There is no luggage out. Melissa took our luggage. We are doing the poor Italian traveling - schlepps and plastic bags - LOL. Plus the weather change. Much cooler now, especially at night. New smells, season changes. Her eyes are watering. I don't know if cats have allergies, but a true indication of the season change. Heat has been on two mornings. Only 50 degrees, but still with Bruce not feeling circulation and me not being home in the mornings, I have to make sure Bruce is at least at 60 degrees now.


She has had three weeks of no caregivers, except Erma once a week. And just had a great check up at the Vets. So, of course, she has to mess with that! She has always been a picky eater and when she got put on the special diet, that took some time. But of course, chooses now to become finicky again. Tonight I just gave in and gave her some "not prescribed" food just to get her to eat. And she is much more vocal - wanting more attention. Barely leaves Bruce alone for more than a half hour. I was in the kitchen tonight, making dinner and she was howling like someone was killing her. All she wanted was for Bruce to take her on his lap.


Little princess -- just wants to add some guilt! Debbie


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Or she might have a cold? They suffer so badly when they catch something like that. Maybe caught it at the vet, you never know.


I'll never forget, when we were moving from our first house, one of the earliest things we did was take down some pictures in the extra bedroom, which also happened to be where the litter pan was located. So sort of like their room. Well they walked in (Siamese twins so they did everything together) and stopped dead in their tracks and just sat there looking up at the walls, like What's going on here? The ones we have now know suitcases for sure, and I always pack at the very last minute so they will have the least time to get upset. Good thing they spend most of their time sleeping, less time to dwell on things.

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Yes, Kira will miss you and Bruce but don't worry. Just go and have fun. You have someone to check on her. Just remember, you both deserve this time



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Debbie, I got a little Princess here with me but she gives me no troubles at all. She comes in my room when her owner leaves for school and she is not over two feet from my bed, chair, or where I may be at any time.


She loves to ride on my scooter to the mail box or down the sidewalk and she likes to run back to the house. Then sleep!!

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