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Advice...no matter how well meant



:) The advice I was given to get a gun and shoot a snake (thin long thing) inside the house was about the stupidest advice I have ever heard! What's more....it came from our illustrious police force.


#1...you don't just let anyone have a gun and a cripple is low on the list of who should have one.


#2...shooting any weapon in the house is a big No-No at any time. Shooting one in a motorhome with the 2 huge 50 gal. tanks of gas and propane tanks and lines is even more a NO-NO. Not to mention wiring everywhere, batteries, and metal framework.


#3...Bullets travel long distances. Motorhomes have very thin outer fabric. Who knows how far the bullet would go or where it would end up. Remember..."I shot an arrow in the air.....".


It may have been well meant but, they are not supposed to be pushing guns on the public - are they? It's a sad state of affairs. :(


I am still wondering why they kept sending cops (who were afraid of snakes) instead of Wildlife Management (who finally came). It's broke and too late to fix. :(


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Wow - such bad advice. Not knowing of your circumstances I could kind of understand the logic but they had been there. Cannot imagine why they would say that was a solution. No thought as you say about where a stray bullet might go.


All's well that ends well. Bye bye snake.

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Snake is safe and happy....I am safe and happy....Gracie is still hunting it (she doesn't know it's gone). I have the Wildlife Mgmt guy's card with all his phone numbers for future needs. The cops are free to tackle their "safer" criminals. lol Oh....and even though I am more than qualified, I don't want a gun!


All is well, again. :)

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