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Final chapter, I hope



I haven't seen Snake since the catchers were here. Hooray! :D The weirdest thing in all this was the advice I was given. Both the cops and catchers told me to get a gun and shoot the snake! IN THE HOUSE ..........YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING !! The other suggestion was an old remedy......mothballs. Can you imagine living with that stink! I have lived in trailers, vans, and RVs for over 30 years and this is the first snake that came inside. I remedied the access I may have inadvertently provided and I hope that's the end of that. Can you picture a small (5'6" 110 lb.) woman shooting off a gun one-handed and unstable of leg....it would knock me over! LOL Can you imagine explaining what happened to the rescue team that came to pick me up! ROFL Oh! and it would provide a new access for all kinds of unwanted guests not to mention making a mess of the house!! LMAO Gracie is still on watch and I hope she finds nothing...I'd rather she be disappointed. Have a good day folks. :)


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Holy cats, Sally! I leave SN for a few days and you have a snake who wanted to take up residence with you. Wow! I had to go back and read your last couple of entries...I am so glad you have Gracie there with you-without her, it may have taken you days to notice it in the first place. I'll take our bears and moose over your snakes and gigantic spiders any day. :-)

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So... uh... if you missed the first time... the first 10 times.... you're house would look like a shoot-out at the OK corral? Not to mention a ricocheted bullet could kill you.

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Okay folks...Snake showed up again. It made it's announcement by knocking stuff off shelves in the bathroom. It has been locked in there for an hour and a half while I wait for help. Very inconvenient. One deputy came and stood outside telling me he didn't like snakes......big help! Now someone from 70 miles away is coming that is supposed to be able to deal with this problem and meanwhile, I am trying to keep the snake quiet and available (it''s resting on my washer). If this guy says he doesn't like snakes I will scream and cry! Why do they send people who can't do the job?

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HORRAY---- cause i just thought of some old advise i heard many years ago -- if a snake gets into your house/ living area your suppossed to have a damp dark towel lay on the floor and i guess they are drawn to the humidity and the shelter... glad your friend is gone.... bless your heart... glad you didnt have to shoot the varmit . LOL

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