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Next Day Chapter



:) Good morning all!


Snake slept peacefully alone under the couch, Gracie and I slept peacefully together in our bed at the other end of the house. All had a good night's rest and now the hunt begins again. Apparently, Gracie was on guard all night because she slept against me on the bed edge and immediately checked the couch before she went out. Since she can smell it, it must be under the left end of the couch.


I think I have figured out how it got in so, I will go out and move the bench it used to come through the grill. I will leave the door open while I do that in the hope that snake will leave when it smells and sees freedom (the door is almost opposite that end of the couch).


I have repaired the damage caused by the sheriff's deputies and cleaned up the mess the search made and we will see what today brings. I hope if any more cops come to my rescue they aren't afraid of snakes....bless them but, fraidy cats aren't needed. It turns out that Snake is a baby - teenage maybe - as it is only 12-15" long and it belongs outside where it can catch mice (Gracie takes care of those that get in). Wish Snake and me luck today....I hope that this can end today.


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Good luck to all! We have a cute garter snake that lives under the stones out front, I know he is harmless but I jump every time I see him sunning himself. We do have a "neighborhood" cat that takes care of the chipmunks and such, but snakes, I don't know. It's been there for many years at this point.

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Well....I finally found a snake catcher and he and his buddy came out. They thoroughly searched the house and couldn't find Snake. I hope they are right and Snake has left. Gracie is nervous and still on watch as am I. :)

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I caught a snake that had ran into our pantry once. I used a broom stick and picked it up and had a deep garbage can I put him down into. Then out to dump out at the back fence where there was lots of trees. I think it got in because I was in the habit of leaving the back screen door hang open so one of our timid little cats could sneak out, but it would take her 30 minutes to get brave enough, then she'd just sniff around a few minutes and run back in at any sound from me.

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How can you handle a snake in the house????? Cat or no cat I would move out if a snake can get in but maybe snakes where you are don't compare to the rattle snakes in Texas. One bite from them you are dead meat for sure and will not make it to the hospital alive.


There were snakes in the jungles of Vietnam we called "two steps" because that is how far you got before you died. Some of our troops were killed just that way but you never knew about it in the states.

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