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Peaceful Sunday in the Boonies :)



Okay.....so Sunday in the boonies isn't so peaceful. :rolleyes:


This afternoon, Gracie was staring at the far end of the couch so, I watched to see what had her attention. A snake zoomed out and did a quick u-turn back under! Gracie was on the hunt!


My landlord was outside cutting grass so, I tried calling him for help....he couldn't hear his phone. I called 911 and got into a "do you remember me" conversation with the dispatcher. Finally, she sent help....a deputy with thick glasses.


He kinda looked for the snake with me telling him over and over that the couch is bolted down and he needed to move the boxes under it out of the way. He decided the snake had left and he left.


A couple hours later Gracie spotted the snake coming out of the magazine box; the hunt was on again. Then it poked it's head out from the other end of the couch and I had to stop Gracie from attacking head on and getting bit. I called 911 again.


This time two deputies showed up. That's good because the first one was scared of snakes and was afraid to come in! The other one was the first one and he explained that they were the only ones on duty. I asked about animal control and was told that they prefered to catch dogs and cats - not snakes. :huh: duh


Again the hunt was on. They finally pinned the snake and had him in hand but, the snake wrapped around the steering column (you need to use two hands) and got away. This time it went into the dashboard! I hope it goes out and not comes back in....I don't want to keep going through this over and over. If I were healthy, the snake would be long gone. Fortunately, it is non-venomous and relatively small (2-3 ft) but still...I don't want it in here!


So much for a peaceful day! :hot:


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OMG, I would have been running out of the house and down the road! I have seen snakes in the yard and that alone freaks me out. Yes, you don't want your Gracie to get bit. My cats would probably run the opposite way. lol



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Chapter 3:


The two stooges just showed up and tried to catch the snake with my grabber! Well, one tried and one stayed outside. Snake 3 v. cops 0 It is back under the couch and Gracie is back on the job.

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OK --- I am a brave ole ND gal --- but --eeeeeekkkkkk... you got me beat for bravery ... i have killed some snakes back in the day, but if i had one in my house i would move out or faint...

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