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My Knees!!



Well the time has come along where my old knees are hurting so much it is very hard for me to stand up from a regular low chair, the church pews, my computer chair, and chairs in the doctor's office as I wait to see the doctor!


I'm still not going to have knee replacements I'll keep what I got. I been cut on so many times from head to feet and shot up too so no more operations until it becomes a life or death situation for me! I'll take my chances! Then I'm told the older you are the less doctors want to operate on you because healing can become a problem with the incision area.


Then I see many commercials on TV from lawyers about knee and hip replacements that went wrong and you may be entitled to compensations if you got a problem with your operation to contact them. So long as I can walk a little, use the scooter, and still drive too then I'm OK. I just hate being cut on and trying to heal after the operation!


I'm sure in my case it's arthritis and old age setting in plus the stroke affect with no brain power to control the moving body parts on the paralyzed side. That was the big reason I said yes to having my sight corrected so I can guide my weak side and see where I'm stepping all the time to avoid any falls and broken bones at my age.


Wouldn't you know this was the time my stair lift stopped working and I didn't have the name of the fellow that installed it almost two years ago! Come to find out it was supposed to be serviced every year and white grease put on the key wheels that turns the gears plus inspect the charger and the batteries.


It takes maintenance just like a car does to keep it operating at it's peak performance level. I didn't know that until I got the manual out and read it. Come to find out that guy who installed the lift lives in San Antonio about 180 miles from me and the VA has to get the same guy to service the unit by sending them a purchase order to pay for the service. Lots of red tape from the VA I think.


Meanwhile I can't use it until it's repaired in about a week I think. So now I got to go up and down the 16 stair steps with very weak knees! What a challenge I'm in for until it gets repaired!!!! Guess I'll be up stairs bound until it's fixed by somebody far or near!!


I'm glad I got food and most of what I need in my bedroom!!!!


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Ouch Fred! I hate hearing that your knees are hurting so bad and your stair lift is out. I'm glad to hear you were able to find the info and get the process rolling to get that thing working again! Thank goodness your sweet wife is with you and can replenish your supply upstairs each day!

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I'm glad the chair lift is fixed. Those stairs are hard but good exerise also. Larry has gotten the weakness in his legs also. If he falls back on exercise, that is usually the reason. We have not been to the facility for his regular routine and stretching and I am going to get back to that at least once or twice a week. Have you used your bicycle lately Fred? That would help I'm sure.



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The man finally got to my house about two hours ago to see what was causing the chair to not work as it should. A panel underneath the bottom portion of the chair had been loose and contacts slipped off the connector posts. That alone prevented the charger from charging the batteries.


I had already purchased two new batteries and the batteries that were in there were run down and no good! I lost money there but I had to do something before I fell on the stairs not knowing the guy would arrive to get it all repaired to operate as it should.


He left his card this time so any more problem I know who to contact along with the VA first!!

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Hi Fred, please that the chair life is fixed, and you are back in stride again! LOL

I dont blame you for not getting the knees operation, my Auntie did the operations and she is worse! never mind, she listen to the doctor, who now says that they should not have gone ahead! DOCTORS!



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