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Busy, Busy Week - arrggggg



Well... my niece is getting married Saturday. Unfortunately, it is about 45 minutes away, so going & coming back will take 1.5 hours just in the car. Then there is the wedding itself... hmmmm... how long are weddings? 30 min? 60 min?


I think it would be too hard to drag Bob along with me, and he would not last long, wilting quickly. He has about a 2 hour window. He would be good a few hours in the evening, considering all is set up right and no issues.


The next problem is, I'd probably need to leave right after the wedding. I mean, if I stayed, it's usually an hour before the bride and groom re-appear after the photo session. Then I don't know if food is served when they get there or before. I don't care about the food. I really would like to take photos during the reception though.. of them dancing, whatever, candid shots.


I've thought I could go to the wedding, drive home, Bob would be ready for bed and once I put him in, go back for the candid shots. But I worry a little about it being night and going in and out of the parking there to get to the back where the function is. I just don't know.


I also am having my gum abscess, which it did last year just about this same time. At least I was able to get penicillin right away, this time. But I feel ratty, so ratty. What an awful week:

Tues - therapy

Wed - dentist appt

Thurs - therapy & Mom's birthday

Fri - an aphasia group we wanted to try

Sat - wedding


Did I mention I'm a low energy person with fibromyalgia AND an abscess and stomach shot from antibiotics?


Blah, why did she have to pick so close to Mom's birthday - too many things. I told Mom we will celebrate her birthday next week - we've never been sticklers about dates.


The aphasia group, I really want us to make it to it. The only drawback is it is at 10am, so we have to get up early enough to even make that, and we usually don't get up till a little after 10. I don't really sleep well till 6am, because of the fibro. Anway, then when I enquire about it, they say, "Oh, and it's a "pitch in"! I had never heard that term before, and had to ask what it meant. She said everyone was to bring a side dish. Really? What kind of side dish does one take at 10am, a box of donuts? If we make it, it will be hellish just getting there, but the thought of dragging food with me... hmmmm,... the people don't know that I know that piece of info, I could just act like I didn't know. I really can't picture this, I was thinking it was more like therapy from the descriptions. I do think being around other stroke surv. will be good for Bob. I hope we are able to make it, side dish or not.


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If it was me, I'd skip the church (sacrilege I know, but you have special dispensation) and just go later to the reception with Bob, if he's up to it. Eat a bit, take some photos, and flit away home once Bob indicates he's had it.


Church ceremonies now seem to be 10 or 15 minutes tops most of the time, so you might kick yourself to drive there and back with very little to show for it. I was 15 minutes late to that wedding in Pennsylvania, when I fell down and hurt my hand because I was rushing to find them, and when I got to the church the bride and groom were already gone. Reception was a couple of hours later, so we had to just go to the hotel and kill time. No one will notice you that much, and if they do I am sure they will understand why you're not making a long day of it. They should be grateful you're making the effort at all!

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ditto with sting-- that would be my "optional" loss of the ceremony-- you could probably tuck bob into bed ( a little early ) and head over to the reception - and spend a few min. visiting and taking pictures... talk to a neighbor to keep an eye on the house... although from what i have read - bob could get himself out if he needed to ( just as dan theoretically can) ... godspeed - it is ok to try to have a bit of life sandy... we sure feel like a thief though... nancyl

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