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I hope this isn't a bad omen....



Something odd happened this morning. When Bob had just gotten up to sit on the side of the bed, his head had a little tick in it, right, left, right, left, right, left. I asked why he was jerking his head, he said he wasn't. I sat on the bed beside him, watching for a few minutes, and it stopped, but I could see his eyes were still going back & forth. He asked me what I was waiting for (as far as getting him up and start changing/dressing).


I'm sure you all know what I'm afraid of here. I just pray it was some fluke, but I can't think of any kind of 'fluke' it would be. Should I be doing something, telling someone about this?


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After you said this about Bob's head I'm wondering if what you heard wasn't his neck? I started turning my head side to side and I heard my neck popping on the left side, my weak side, and in my case it happens all the time. I exercise my neck all day long when I sit still for some time like at this computer.

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I have called both his reg doctor and his neurologist and am waiting for call backs from them. He does have a neuro appt on the 18th, I don't know if there is anything, some kind of test, or not, he would want done prior to that. I'll write again when I hear back.


Well, looks like I'll actually get some work done in cleaning the kitchen today - the adrenaline is back!

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OK, so more fuel in the fire. I had taken a urine sample to the hospital Friday, but because of the holiday, just today, Wednesday, was able to hear anything back. Actually, the office missed it and if not for my call, I still wouldn't know. So he DOES have a UTI. See last week he was having extreme itchy tingly in his urethea, right at the opening. It was driving him crazy. It has calmed down since then, at least that part, but since he can not tell me much about what else he may be feeling (I know what I see), then I will go ahead with the antibiotics.

I wonder if this could have anything to do with his strange head & eyes clicking back & forth this morning. The neuro ordered another carotid sonogram. Which is scheduled for Friday at one, same day we are to attend our first stroke support from 10-12. I wish more things could happen at once.

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Sandy, I do hope that everything is OK. the Neurologist was a good idea. Wm had the eye movement ...nystagmus. His eyes kept going back and forth and he felt like the room was going out the window. This was corrected by a balance therapist. An inbalance in the ear. It was strange.

The UTI is not good either.



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to experience something like that is what we all fear. I think there is good news however, and that is it went away. strokes of any significance don't go away. best of luck to u and bob.




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Actually David, I was worrying that he was going to be one of the stroke survivors that would start having seizures! The rythmatic movement of his head and eyes, left me wondering if he was about to have a seizure.


I'm hoping it was a freak thing, connected to the fact that he has a UTI and brains are always overworked when a stroke person has a UTI (urinary track infection). Praying that is all it was.

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Sandy -- bob starting seizure at this juncture would be rare - not impossible- but rare -- there are time lines -- a seizure following a stroke within a few months is common and hardly ever continues into being a long term seizure disorder... but a seizure at approx the 6- 12 month post stroke usually ends up become a long term seizure disorder.. Bob is out of both timelines.... but then again this is STROKENET - where the "impossible" has already happened... the UTI i am sure was the contributer to the tic.. Dan has done strange stuff when he has a uti .... they are vicious little infections...

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