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More Social Life



The thing is, after Bob's stroke, he didn't want to be seen in public, ever. Then a friend's husband died and he did want to go to the visitation. Then someone retired, and he wanted to go to the little get together. Then there was the time we went to the lake and watched boats, and the walk in the woods. Well, we have another hallmark to celebrate!


Sunday, Sept 15, 2013 Our son & fiancee will come for Christmas and are staying at a very close state park lodge, so we decided we'd go and give it a check over. I don't know that we'll ever go on another actual vacation again, but we went there, looked around at all the decorations in the huge lobby, walked by the inside the pool and smelled the pool chlorine and saw the exercise equipment, looked in the little shop there, then went to the restaurant and ate lunch. The restaurant, decorations, smell of the pool... it was surreal, it FELT like we were on vacation - no kidding! We had fun and plan to go back again for another 1/2 day vacation :)


Here's a pic from the lobby by the fireplace:




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We do as many day trips as we can; you're right, the overnights are a lot of work, so we only do those when things come up that we can't say no to! Luckily we live in a touristy area, so most stuff we can do are things that other people have to travel a good ways for. The overnight part isn't all that important, unless it's hard to get home from where you are. The destination, and the company, is the main thing. Visiting a hotel is just as good as staying there, you get the atmosphere without having to pay for a room!


Great photo! Love the smile on Bob's face, Ray is just starting to smile for pictures too. A big step, he even laughs at jokes sometimes. What a pleasure.

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Bob gets humor more now, too. For a long time, he just didn't get what the funny part was, and he didn't understand rhyming. He has some more normal responses in just attitude, like smiling at the right time, or laughing.


He's fuming right now because he had a leg spasm and couldn't tell me. So he's mad at me because I was still trying to do the morning processes. :(

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Sandy: great shot. Again, he is one handsome guy and seems to just be enjoying himself. Great idea. Enjoy the lounges, food, services. Visit the shops and the grounds. It is a vacation and a perfect spot. If they have a walking path or a putting green, get Bob out there as well.


Like Colleen said to me - baby steps. Find what they are comfortable with, what we as caregivers can manage and run with it. Hot toddies by the fire - what is better than that? Debbie

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This lodge is part of a state park, and has many trails associated with it and the lake. It is one of the reasons we moved to this area. I know it will be a source of things for us to do together, and can't wait till the next thing we do!


The restaurant even has outside tables with a fire pit in the middle that you can sit and roast marshmellows or just enjoy the fire.

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Sandy: this place has your names on it! I know you have checked it out and know what you need for Bob and what is safe. That is a given. Even if you just visited one day a month, maybe just go for lunch or dinner and spend a few hours in the different areas! And what a perfect time of year - foilage, outside by the fire pit in coats enjoying a coffee and a crumpet and then head home. Fresh air. You found it! Debbie

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Thanks for sharing the great photo of you both. That sounds like a great place to check in.


Enjoy the time with your family.



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