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Adventures in Gracieland....



:) Not one of her better days. First, she goes crashing across the table and knocks over my full glass of water. I told her she needed to be more careful and she looked at me like "well, what was a glass doing on the table? You knew I would go that way." The worst part was that everything got soaked including my pill box. My pills and box are drying out in the sun on the bed. I know at least 2 dissolved. The other bad thing was that the pump has quit again and there went some of the little bit of water I have on hand.

She wasn't done, yet. At lunch she was rubbing against me (I love you...you are going to feed me) but, she was on the counter. She fell off trying to rub against me and almost knocked me down! Of course, she blamed me for her falling off and didn't like being told again to be more careful. Luckily, I caught my balance before it was too late.

She is fed and outside, now, so hopefully we and the house are safe for a while. :D


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Well Sally I became quite "catlike" the other day also and knocked over a glass of cranberry juice all over Larry, the table, chair cushion and floor. lol My Lucy is the troublemaker and gets up on the kitchen counter, which is a no no. I have to watch what I leave up there, especially after fixing dinner. Furby and Lucy tend to stay out of Larry's way with his cane in tow. I hope they never cause him to fall. I'm glad you didn't fall!



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I bet before too long Gracie will order you a life alert in case you fall when more water is spilled and you can't get up!!!


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Sally: they do seem to just do whatever they want whenever they want. Kira has taken to going out the front door after me. Something that is brand new. Have almost closed the door on her twice now. They have minds of their own, for sure. Debbie

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If Gracie paid more attention to where furniture ended, it would help. lol


Fred.....I had one of those alert thingys and threw it away. My phone is better and handy. Plus, I can get up if I'm in my house.

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