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A peaceful Sunday



The foul ups of the week are fixed and everything is in order, again. No one is mowing the grass or buzzing the house in a crop duster. I don't have any unwanted guests and Gracie is happy and doing cat stuff outside. Peace and quiet and sunshine. A lovely way to end one week and begin another. :)


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Saly, please everything is in order. Over here it has been a good weekend, nice weather, peaceful, went to the movies saw "The Bulter" goood movie. Today went to church, my husband is feeling good, and he is cooking. Watching Doplins, my husband team, that are wining for now LOL.

Life is good!



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You had enough going on to last a month or so and if it were me I still couldn't sleep thinking about that snake inside the house!!


a man in a neighborhood not far from us but a different wooded area had one big one come up through his bathroom sink and it got stuck there. He is farther into the woods too than I am. I just can't deal with snakes around me at all!! They bite they kill you!!

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