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Bruised tail bone....from a fall.



Wm had a fall in the bathroom. This really sent us on a backward spiral. I had to have a neighbor come in and pick him up off the floor. William had started to skip his pool workouts. His back had started to hurt again. The tail bone was bruised or fractured. I did not know which, It happened on Thursday. Friday He was able to go to the pool. sat he could not get out of bed. I read on a web site that the pain gets worse after a couple of days so true. On Sat I am debating whether to bring him to the hospital via the ambulance. I call my son, who just happens to be a physician. he helps me decide to wait and see. if the tail bone is fracturered ..treatment is rest and pain pills. I have pain pills he, talks to Wm and is able to ascertain that it is not too bad. While lying down he is fine.Sooooooooooooooo fast forward in a week. It is SUnday. and I tell Wm that we need to decide....Church or pool. He does no have energy for both. He agrees that we need to do the pool. I go to the warm pool. Just as we get there I see lighting. I turn and drive back to the other cold pool. It is far enough away that the lightening will not effect us. THe cold pool works out well. Wm says that the cold water makes him feel good. It was cold at first but he is able to walk and move with no pain. It is amazing...he wants to stay in the water. Even when I say that we can leave. It is raining when we get out. but we got our workout done. He is sleeping. Wm has decided that we cannot let the pool workout slip again. Let's see how long this lasts. But, that little dog Mumbles is such a dear. He makes Wm feel good. A dog is such a good companion. I do advocate a dog for everybody. It took me awhile. to get a dog for Wm...But it is most certainly a blessing.


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First let me tell you how to make a paragraph...Look right above where "I typed your name...See the little box?? When you put the mouse arrow on it, it says toggle editing mode!


Well click on it, type your first word, name or start your first typing word then hit the Enter key... now you can move the space down by hitting the enter when you want to space down after a few lines you typed.


It can be like I'm showing you!!! I hate typing all together too, it's too hard to read bunched up like that. If it doesn't work for you call me I can tell you better!!!


Now about William's fall...Sorry about his fall but good it didn't bruise him to badly or it would be hard for him to walk at all cane or not. My little dog stays right under me all day while her little owner is in school.


When she comes home they play for hours. The dog is not quite 2 years yet, still a kid too!! When I close the bathroom door she lays down and wait for me to open the door. If I take too long she scratches to see if I'm OK. I have to say "I'm OK Princess" be out in a minute!!


I can take her with me in any business or public place no questions asked about if she is a service animal as of 1 September 13. A new law signed by Gov. Perry. I just have to show my PTSD papers but they don't ask me about her or if she is a service dog.


If they did it will cost them 300.00 bucks!!!! She stays right with me when we go inside businesses. In the restaurants she is under my chair!!


I love that little dog she is my company all day until she get sleepy!!!


All the best to you and William!!!!See you all soo

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Ruth :


I am so glad William just bruised his tailbone & hopefully will heal soon. its good to have doctor in family can right away take his opinion.



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It's good William did not fracture his tailbone and then wanted to get back into the pool therapy. Those falls can be a big setback.


I finally got Larry's meds from Walmart. They no longer carry the generic lower amount but I got 2 months for $24. Thank you as this may happen again.


I'm glad you found a dog you both love.



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ruth i am so glad to see you post.... !!! Dn had fallen back when we were in AZ back in feb (?) and it took a few days for the pain to get bad... in the end the physical therapist said his hip was out and pulled it back -- instant relief for DAN.... ALTHOUGH A FEW MONTHS LATER WE FOUND HE HAD ACTUALLY FRACTURED IT.. but as you said not much to be done either way... i am sure that cool water helped with the pain relief... ironically dan also had a fall today --- we will see what time brings as right now he is fine but it usually takes a day or two as you know.. grrrr..

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Ruth: you know any injury, especially to bone, it a long recovery. Good for William to understand that he had to work it out. I worry about falls now every single day. And ice him down if he has trouble during the day - 10 minutes will help.


Yes your Mumbles. Makes such a difference. I am so glad you decided and then did it. William now has a great companion, company. Go easy honey. Good week. Debbie

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