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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!



Are you bogged down by numbers the way I am? There's your ss number, driver's license or ID card #, if you work, a different employee # for each job, your telephone number, friends and business phone #'s, ATM number,address #s and on and on. It's gotten to where I have had to write some down in a book so I don't mix them up. By the way, was once told that you should write your ATM number as an address. If your number is 1234, that becomes the address. Because I once had 2 different ATM's I even made up a name for the bank using the same letters as a street address and using a different city because there is no address with that name in the city where I was. So, let's say you have a dog named Suzie and your ATM # was 1234 at Wachovia Bank. The address would be Suzie (last name) 1234 Williams Blvd. San Antonio, Texas. Now all you have to remember is why your dog has an address and lives in San Antonio when you live in Kalamazoo roflmao.gif


Do you think this is getting to me? Maybe I can blame this thinking on the stroke. biggrin2.gif


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