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Rainy day



It was raining when I woke up and continued for many hours. Because I had trouble previously, even with a surge protector, I now pull the plug on the computer. So what could I do? Go back to sleep? Watch TV or sit up and finish my book providing I sat up to do it? Lying down to read and staying awake is 100% not possible) I have never been a fast reader and since my stroke, this has become worse. At first if I read, I couldn't find the next line unless I pointed or used a straight edged paper or bookmark. This isn't the problem anymore but guess one bad eye doesn't help either. I did accomplish what I set out to do. Finished my book - finally - Impossible by Danielle Steel. Good thing because she will probably have another out soon.That woman can sure write books! So now here I am online and finally able to read all of the message board and BLOGS. My day is finally officially starting!


Hope this is better.


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Phyllis - I'm sorry but, I can't read your Blog, and I enjoy them so much! Can you edit it to make the font size larger?


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