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Buffet anyone?



Steak and prime rib are fine, but I'm as happy with a buffet; cheaper too. biggrin2.gif I used to eat very simply (fast food I'm ashamed to say) and then on Sat. I'd go to my favorite buffet. I could eat all the veggies and fruit as well as everything else. My stroke hasn't changed that. I stilll love buffets- Chinese ones too. In fact it was years since I had had plain chow mein and went for buffet instead. Did have it a few years ago - and may again.......but oh, the fried rice, the crab ragoon (even fake ones), the pepper steak, the egg drop soup with a wonton I'd put in.........Making myself hungry and will start to salivate all over the computer. Guess I better think of something else laugh.gif

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Chinese Buffet is my favorite too! I could go for chinese ..... General Tso's chicken, Pork Lo Mein and fried dumplings, I've got to stop, I'm starving now.


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