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I'm a survivor.....why?



We say we are survivors and I ask - why? I mean beyond that I imagine most of us if not all are believers and as such feel


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Phyllis, thanks for going back to the default print fonts. That other stuff is SO hard to read!!!! Pass it on......




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i am no theologian or philosopher, but i truly BELIEVE that we are all here for a reason regardless of our religious affiliations, or lack there of. to even BEGIN to know why a "worthless, no good, pedophile, wino, who has pan handled all of his life for example, can live to a ripe old age of 90, and a 12 year old christian girl with nothing but innocence and sweetness in her heart can drop dead of a brain aneuryism is BEYOND my human comprehension.


it's something i do not believe can be answered because the answer, assuming there is one, is supernatural. however, life and death has a rhyme and reason regaradless if we understand it phyllis. we have to believe that, or otherwise, what's the point? i know i'm here for a reason, i do not know why, and may never will, but i just am. and so are you!!!!



we have been given a "second chance", and i for one, plan on taking advantage of all of the things in life i took for granted before. i will try things i was 'afraid" TO BEFORE, I WILL LET PEOPLE GET CLOSE TO ME, AND I WILL BE THE BEST PERSON I KNOW IN MY CONSCIENCE I CAN BE.

my dollars worth!!!! lol


love ya,

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